How To Flush Alcohol From Urine {Help Guide}

How To Flush Alcohol From Urine {Help Guide}

Flushing alcohol through urine is easy. All these methods that are mentioned below will help you to remove alcohol from your system, If you want to detox your body then follow all the below-mentioned tips.

Tips to flush alcohol from urine

Flush alcohol from urine

If you are drinking alcohol. Then the first thought that has come to your mind is surely about the detoxing process. It is important to detox your body from all that alcohol abuse. Only then can you completely come over from the effects of alcohol. If you will consume alcohol for a long period then your body becomes addicted to that. So stopping at one can be harmful. But alcohol consumption is bad and needs detoxification.

Here are the tips for how to flush alcohol from urine. You will learn different ways to remove alcohol through the urine from the body. Stick till the end.

What is the alcohol metabolization process?

Actually, The process of metabolizing alcohol involves breaking down alcohol within the body. Because alcohol can be removed from the body only when we break it down. Hence breaking down alcohol into small absorbable substances is an important part of detoxification. There are various factors on which alcohol metabolization depends. These are as follows:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Drinking capacity
  • Method of drinking
  • Your medical condition

All these things are kept in mind before starting the metabolization process. If you have drunk the alcohol empty stomach then the process will be different from drinking with dinner.

To learn how to flush alcohol?

There are many different ways that you can try depending on your condition. However, it is always best to do this in the presence of someone. Because the chances of complications are always there. However, all the below-mentioned methods are the natural way to flush the alcohol from urine and the body. So the risk factor will be less. If you are seeing a doctor stop the drinking habit then it is suggested to do all these procedures under the doctor’s guidance.

#1. Drink lots of fluids

Drink lot of fluids

The best way to flush alcohol from urine is by drinking plenty of fluid. I am not saying specific water. The fluid can include everything except the alcohol-carrying drinks. You can flush alcohol through urine easily till 12 hours of consumption. However, you can do this after 24 hours too. Alcohol consumption leads to serious damage to every organ of the body; The most damaged organ is usually the liver and the kidney. Because they absorb alcohol as it is and hence it affects them adversely.

#2. Do exercise

Regularly follow lot of exercises

Exercise causes sweating and also allows you to drink more. So if you exercise then you will lose a lot of sweat. And when we exercise on average we drink 1 to 2 liters of water. Which eventually induces the urination process. With exercise, you not only flush the alcohol from urine but you also detox your body through sweat and all. It is tough to exercise after a hangover but it will help you and protect you from the harmful effects of alcohol. Jumba and cardio exercises can release sweat in a small time. So you can try doing those.

#3. Consume right food

Consume right food that helps to flush alcohol from urine

Before quitting alcohol it is important to stick yourself with the right amount of food. The cravings can be very bad for alcohol. So, Use such food that decreases the alcohol craving. Supported food like grapes and oranges work best in this situation. Whenever you crave to drink just eat some of the fruits or you can also choose to drink the juice instead of eating. Drinking juice will be more satisfying than eating.

Can alcohol be helpful for the human body?

The answer is strange but it is true. Alcohol is good for the human body if it is consumed in a limited amount. If a person is moderately drinking alcohol then it will be helpful for his body. Alcohol helps in the digestion process, it is also believed that it is best to boost confidence hence it also acts as an anxiety-calming drink. All these benefits are just because of the alcohol. But you should know what is the moderate amount for you. Do not let your alcohol limit exceed.

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How to start the detoxification process of alcohol?

The detoxification process is not easy. Because it is hard to drop the habit of drinking immediately. It is always good to start with any detoxification program. These programs will help you gradually decrease your alcohol level. The method of metabolization depends on what type of drinker you are. If your body has a high alcohol consumption level then the detoxification process will be difficult. But if you are a beginner then it is very easy to leave alcohol.

However, If you suddenly stop drinking alcohol then you might face some health issues. Like a fever, vomiting, and all. So to prevent all these doctors reduce the alcohol level slowly and start the detoxification process along with that. That’s why you can do this at home. Always take help from a senior doctor.

Other methods to flush alcohol

There are plenty of other methods to flush alcohol from the body. You can flush alcohol through vomiting too. This process needs to be done right after you stop drinking. Otherwise, it will be absorbed in your stomach. Alcohol has high absorbing power. Hence most of the alcohol is absorbed in your stomach only. A small amount of it reaches the intestines. So if you drink alcohol with some food then the absorbing tendency decreases a lot. If you are a newbie then try drinking with the food only.

Liver detoxification is important

The liver is a very sensitive part of the body. All the food absorption processes are done by the liver only. So the first that gets harmed from alcohol consumption is the liver.  Any serious illness in the liver affects the whole body and especially your digestion process. So liver detoxification after an intense alcohol session is very important.

There are several ways to detoxify the liver. It depends upon you what you choose. You can eat the food that will help the liver to heal and absorb more like garlic. Some detoxification drinks will also work best in this situation. These drinks are easily available at any medical store.


In conclusion, to flush alcohol from the urine you need to follow some procedures. If you are doing this after a wild party night then it is ok. But if you are trying to do these procedures to detox the body then you should seek help before starting doing this. The detoxification process can have its side effects. Because everybody responds differently. So it is better to go with a doctor during the detoxification process.

All these methods are very effective. You should try these out to flush alcohol from your system. Hope this will help you.

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