Drug Trafficking Attorney {Advocate For Drugs}

Drug Trafficking Attorney {Advocate For Drugs}

Drug trafficking attorney are made to solve drug trafficking-related cases. They are trained for the worst-case scenarios. Hence, If you will hire one then your chances to drop all the charges of the drug cases will increase. Here is everything that you need to know about a drug trafficking attorney.

Role of a drug trafficking attorney

If you are under investigation for drug trafficking then you are in big trouble. Drug trafficking charges are among the severe charges in law. If you get in trouble nonce then there are meager chances of getting out by yourself. However, a drug trafficking attorney can prove useful here. These attorneys are criminal defense lawyers and help their clients escape drug crimes.

In research, it is said that one out of every five prosper has drug trafficking cases on them. Now you can imagine how big is this scam. Some innocent people come under these charges without knowing the truth about state or federal laws. Here is how a drug-trafficking attorney can help you with serious drug charges.

What is drug trafficking?

The term “Drug trafficking” refers to a person or entity that distributes controlled drugs illegally throughout any part of the state/country. These illegal drugs are banned by the government from any kind of transportation and consumption. Hence if a person is found with illegal drugs then the United states police will put that person in jail. Most of these criminals are found near the state lines. Because transportation of any controlled drugs is banned from one state to another.

If you are falsely accused of drug trafficking or you transported the drug without knowing the rule then you have to give solid proof in court. Without that, you have to face a minimum of 10 years in jail and penalty charges too.

List of controlled substances

Not all drug distribution falls under the category of federal drug trafficking. Only some nerve stimulant drugs come under this category. Her eyes the list of such drugs. These drugs don’t have to ban in every country. Some countries allow the use of these drugs. So it became a matter from country to country.

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Oxycodone

Some of the medicines like cough-treating syrups all have a small amount of some banned drug. But that does not count under drug trafficking. These medicines are used to treat illness and are considered safe. Because a doctor prescribed these.

To know about the role of a drug trafficking attorney

A drug trafficking attorney does not only fight for the drug cases. But they have many other duties too. So it is always the best option to hire an attorney if you’re stuck in such a case. These attorneys are trained especially for drug possession charges. Here are some important roles of a drug trafficking attorney.

1) If you are convicted of drug trafficking then everyone around you will make you believe that there are no chances for you. But a drug attorney fought for true rights. Not every person’s citation is the same. They understand their clients and work in the direction to get them the minimum charges.

2) In drug trafficking, federal charges paperwork can serve as the best evidence for bail. A drug attorney will manage all your papers on your behalf. you may not know the use of those papers but an attorney will fully use them.

3) A good attorney always prepares for the worst-case scenario. In some cases, jail is the only option. So they prepare themselves for that situation and help their clients. Also, a drug trafficking attorney does not judge his client and always remains by his side.

4) An attorney understands all the deals and situations. If the case can solve outside the court then an attorney does his best to not take the case in the courtroom. Hence he has to make a deal with the police. So the police will never listen to you for a deal. But if an attorney talks to them then there could be some chances.

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Punishments for the drug trafficking crime

There is no such specific or fixed punishment for this crime. The punishment period and the penalty fee depend upon many factors. These factors include the types of drugs that you are transporting. Different drugs have different jail periods. The second thing is how much drug you were carrying with you.

The smaller the amount lesser will be the jail period and the lesser will be the penalty. As the drug weight increases all the two increase simultaneously.  Last but not least is the places and by what kind of police find you. If you are arrested by search and seizure then there are very low chances to get a burial or anything.

Your previous criminal record will play a huge role in the drug trafficking charges.

How do choose a good drug trafficking attorney?

If you are willing to win your case then choose a good drug trafficking attorney. Of course, It is important that you consider a few things before making a choice for an attorney you are looking to hire. The first thing is experience. The drug trafficking attorney experience will ensure your win. The second thing is their activeness. Some attorney takes the case but does not work much on the clues and all. Makes sure that your drug attorney is a good listener too.


In conclusion, a drug trafficking attorney is the only person that can save you from any type of drug trafficking charge. So do not listen to the police and hire an attorney right away. These attorneys are experienced enough to handle the worst situations. So you can trust them. All other information is mentioned above.

Drug cases are among the worst even if they are fake. A fake case takes too much energy and money to prove. Hence proving your innocence is the main key here.

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