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5 Ways To Find Out Where Someone Works

It is easier now, to find out where someone works, due to GPS Technologies. Searching for them online is also a thing you can do, after all, many of us post in our social media profiles about things related to our workplace.

Let me tell you, this blog doesn’t support any kind of privacy breach. In fact, stalking someone, without their consent is a legal crime.

If you are stalking them, due for some legal purposes, you need to hire a private investigator.

Private investigators, know legal boundaries to work around, in that boundaries, they manage to collect useful information.

Legal Way – To Find Out Where Someone Work

A Private Investigator – He is someone who has licensed to investigate and collect crime-related evidence.

You can hire an investigator if you need to find out where someone works legally.

You can hire them online by searching on Google, or find investigators from agencies, like – Truth Private Investigator.

5 Easy Ways To Find Out Where Someone Works

If you want to know, someone’s workplace, simply asks them out, be straightforward.

But for some reason, if you’re unable, here are our 5 Ways To Find Out Where Someone Works.

#1. Find Out Through Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook)

Social Media Profiles

You can find out a person’s place of employment through their social media account. There are many social media apps, but working information is mostly shared on Facebook and Linkedin.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social media app, more than 575 Million professionals use LinkedIn. People use this to show their work experience, expertise, and social networking. If they have added in their profile, where they work, you can find out from there.

2. Facebook

Facebook is another good option, because here also people share their information such holidays and work life. If they have added where they work, it will be mentioned inside their profile.

Other social media apps like Instagram, Twitter are also good for that.

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#2. Find Out By Doing Online Research 

To Find Out Where Someone Work, Online Research is the best option. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing can provide you with information about that person from the web.

However, you need to confirm the reliability of the search results.

Add the name in Google, and see the website’s result, image result, video result, etc. I am suggesting this because, I have found my friend’s address, on the Internet.

#3. Online People Search

Websites like – truthfinder, truecaller, help you to get information about that person, such as name, phone number, email, or working or living address. You need to input their phone number or their full name and their city name.

These websites collect from both private and public databases, hence there are chances that it’s legitimate.

Screenshot of how to find out where someone works

  • To search anybody, just go to this Online People Search Website.
  • Here, enter some inputs like their city name, full name, or their phone number.
  • The website will do a quick scan and show you the result.
  • If the person with inputs, you have given, found in their database, they will show you the information.

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#4. Know From Friends

Friends gossips image

Probably the most accurate way, if you have forgotten we are here to remind you. Both of you might have mutual friends, colleagues, or relatives, you can ask them out, might they know. Just go to your contact list search for the mutual mobile phone number, and make a call out.

#5. Find Out Where Someone Work Through Public Records

Public Records are records of the public, which aren’t considered confidential, there are many public records, such as telephone books or any online database.

In fact, many governments have databases listing their employees and agents. Where you can find information like their full name, phone number, etc.

If they are government employees, you can find in which government office they work.

Nowadays, this database is uploaded directly to the internet, that is why it is much easier now to find out where someone works.

That’s it for this blog, we have listed some legal methods to hire a private investigator, to find out legally.

Else, you can try searching them through the 5 ways we showed here. 

Thanks For Reading, Have a Nice Day!

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