The last line no longer available-Iphone Issue & solution

The last line no longer available-Iphone Issue & solution- Feature Image

Of course, you are not the only one experiencing this “The last line no longer available” problem. Consequently, you need not worry about anything! The users with dual SIM models of iPhone often face this line is no longer available error. All the new iPhone models with dual SIM features (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, or the others with iOS 12.1) often reflect this error popup while the user tries to make a call. It’s mainly because of the e-SIM bug. So, in this article, we will discuss all the possible reasons we will discuss all the possible causes and solutions to get rid of the situation.

Why did the last line error exactly occur?

As we previously discussed, the situation occurs when the user makes a call. It occurs when the newly modified iOS operating system detects an e-SIM bug. The last line no longer available error means you are not allowed to dial the contact using the accessible SIM.

Though it suggests using the remaining lines, the truth is you cannot make a call without accessing your SIM card. So exactly the notification means your SIM card is not working, and you don’t have any network connection to make a call.

What should be done if the “Last line no longer available” error occurs?

It feels very annoying when you try to make an urgent call, and such notification comes and doesn’t allow you to do so. If you are an iOS 12.1 user searching for a way to combat the issue, now it’s time to end our searches. Follow the below steps-

#1.Restart our phone-

Restart the iPhone Screenshot Image

It’s a common solution for all kinds of electronic devices for all kinds of problems. Surprisingly, sometimes it works!

Step-1: First of all, you can press and hold your phone’s power button and slide the popup screen to power off your device.

Step-2: After a few seconds of waiting, just turn on our device and try to make a call. Now, if the error popup isn’t there, you are all done; otherwise, try the next method.

#2.Check for updates-

IOS Software Update Screen

Sometimes the Last line no longer available error comes due to the e-SIM bug. So if the company notices the issue, they offer a software update by resolving the bug in the operating system.

Check for the update: SETTINGS >>> GENERAL >>> SOFTWARE UPDATE

If there is any update available, go for it.

#3.Reset network settings may fix “The last line no longer available” Issue-

Network Reset Settings Option Selections on Iphone helps to avoid The last line no longer available error

If there is any network processing problem, you cannot access the lines on your iPhone. Such a situation requires that you reset your network selection settings.

To do the same, first, you open the<MOBILE SETTINGS> then tap on <GENERAL> here you go to the <NETWORK> and click on <RESET> then finally tap on <RESET SETTINGS>.

#4.Turn off Find contacts-

It’s not a dedicated solution for the ‘Last line no longer available” error. Turning off the find contacts worked for some users. Additionally, if your problem regarding making phone calls persists, you should also look at the following.

For doing so, Firstly, you can go to Settings, then tap on Contacts and disable the ‘Find Contacts in Other Apps’ option.

#5.Turn off/on Airplane Mode-

iPhone Trun Off Airplane Mode option Screen

Like restarting your device, this is one similar process. You just turn on and turn off the airplane mode of your phone.

Just scroll the screen down to up, and a list with the icons will come up. Here you just tap on the Aeroplane icon. You are then repeating the same turn it off. It will refresh your network.


In final words, If you see the message, “Last line no longer available, may I use your remaining line” (example), it is an operating system error. So, there is not any official method to resolve the error. If you are still facing the same problem, we recommend reaching out to Apple Care.

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