How to activate on rogu tv

How to activate on Roku TV?

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In this article, I’ll share with you How to Activate TNT Drama on Roku TV. We live in an information world. There are so many TV shows, Movies, and Streaming platforms that we can’t keep track of. But it’s just about the number of streaming platforms, But we also need to qualify to be top-notch. And if you are on the search for the best quality content on the Internet, Look no further than TNT Drama. You can enjoy these shows whenever you want when eating lunch, on the walk, at the office. They are simple and filled with entertainment.

TNTDRAMA.COM TV Shows screen

It is one of the biggest entertainment services in the entire world. The pack has over 180 channels that you can tune into any time, and anywhere. The most popular of those channels include CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, and many more. The services of this pack know no border, You can find them across the entire world in more than 200 countries. From Europe to Australia to Africa everywhere you go your entertainment travels with you. You can stream all the content on every device that you can get hold of. But before we flow into the Drama world, We need to activate TNT Drama on our device.

To Learn How to activate on Roku TV?

Step-1: Visit ROKU AppStore and Search for TNT App.

TNT App Home Screen

Step-2: Once you find the same, Download the TNT App and Install and add channels on your device.

TNT App installation Screen

Step-3: After you open the TNT app, A window will appear with an option to Activate your account.

Step-4: After you have clicked on the Activation option, A code will appear, Save the same for further reference.

Step-5: Now visit the website, And choose your device. activate and choose device screen

Step-6: After choosing the device, You would need to enter the login credentials following your TV service provider.

Step-7: Now a new window will appear asking for the Activation Code that you have saved for further reference. Enter the following into the input bar. After you click on the Submit button. It will take a few minutes and return with a confirmation message for the activation. After this, you can enjoy your TNT Drama on your ROKU TV. Activation Code Screen

How to fix issues with TNT Drama on ROKU TV?

If you aren’t able to successfully activate your TNT Drama account on your ROKU TV. Then you can follow the below ways to try and fix the issue.

1) Restart your device

The issues of most people that use ROKU TV for activation of TNT Drama arises only first after installation. You can easily come up with a solution that can fix it without any worries. Yes, Restarting the device can save you a lot of trouble.

Just GO to your System and then System Restart and wait till your ROKU TV is back with a quick nap. Once it has been booted back, You can now use the activation code again by starting the TNT app and entering the code.

This is the best method to fix dozens of problems. And it’s not just limited to ROKU Tv. This method will work on all smart TVs including Fire TV, Apple TV.

2) Fix your Internet Connection

Sometimes, We might just focus on the external issue forgetting everything that needs to be in place. Yes, an internet connection could be a reason for your issues with the activation of TNT drama. But don’t worry you can simply fix this with easy methods. Just head towards your router devices, And press on the reboot button. If your wifi doesn’t have the reboot button, log in with your wifi network into the admin panel and then reboot from it. Once you do that, wait for some time, And then Restart your ROKU TV as well. Now open the app and follow the tutorial exactly the same. And you will find that your problem has been fixed now.

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