Things to know about Import Google Slides Themes Function

How to import Google Slides Themes

As a matter of fact, Presentation made in Powerpoint Template can also be made using Google Slides. The additional benefit of making a presentation in Google Slides is that the user can import Google Slides Themes to make the slides more engaging. The slides prepared using a simple background and those with a theme differ in one aspect, that is, their impact. The theme means a collection of background colors, fonts, layouts and so on. Thus, the Google Slides with theme amplify the effect and tell a viewer right from afar what to expect in the presentation and what the presentation is all about.

How to import Google Slides Themes?

The process of importing Google Slides Themes is very simple. It involves steps, such as:

  1. Open Google Slides Presentation.
  2. On the top side of the presentation, there will be an option Slide Change Theme.
  3. At the bottom right, you can see the import theme, click this option.
  4. Now select the presentation you want to apply a theme to by double-clicking it.
  5. Pick the theme you want to apply.
  6. And click ‘Import’.

This is all you need to import Google Slides Themes and apply it to the presentation.

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What are the uses of Google Slides Templates?

All those who are familiar with the MS Office do know what the presentation is all about. But, to give those a professional appeal, one must know about the Google Slides Templates. The use of Google Slides Themes lies in making the presentation more professional in appeal. There are three main types of PowerPoint presentations which can be prepared the best using Google templates themed free as well as relevant to the type of business, such as:

  1. Educational presentations: Teachers and teaching innovators use Google slides designed in a classroom or a story theme. The innovators looking for funds for the schools and educational institutes make use of themes with elements like benches, copies and pens and smiling faces of the kids to add more impact to the presentation and to explain the concept in a more convincing manner.
  2. Corporate Presentations: While preparing the corporate presentations, the type of business should come out convincingly. This is possible with the use of the logo in the presentation slides. The fully editable templates are used by the spokespeople of the company to prepare the presentation slides which are easy to identify with.
  3. Presentations with professional designs: Mostly, the color of the slides play an important role in bringing forth the professional look of the free PowerPoint templates. Thus, one can select the templates on the basis of the colors such as blue color slides with technical signs like in case of Aliena Presentation template available online can be used to explain technical functions of the model prepared.

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Best examples of Google Slides Theme

There are various designers who are engaged in making compelling Google Slides Templates. They design the themes keeping the sector of the business in mind. In the US context, the presentation of the Medicare sector looks best with white and blue color, which is actually the color combinations used at the hospital premises in that part of the world.

Similarly, the Google Slides themes with greenery and birds work the best for the presentation dedicated to nature conservation charity or related businesses. Pink and blue color and lots of ribbons, etc. look very good on the presentations prepared for kids’ school or pre-school organizations. Some of the popular types of themes for your presentations are:

  1. Formal
  2. Creative
  3. Inspirational
  4. Elegant
  5. Start-Up
  6. Simple
  7. Nature
  8. Business
  9. Playful and so on.

Google Slides themes help to create a mood amongst the audience and immerse them fully in the idea you want to promote. So, impress your audience with fully editable Google Slides Free Template that makes use of colors, textures, backgrounds, etc. The overall output is definitely going to be impressive as well as engaging.

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