All You Need To Know About How To Stop Spam Emails

How To Stop Spam Emails

Yeah, of course, whenever you are looking for some important emails, then maybe sometimes unwanted mails are received in your mailbox. Of course, you don’t know where it is and too irritating this kind of irreverent email comes on the inbox every day. I guess you might be tired of deleting spam messages one by one manually. Spam messages are hectic to have in email. You must be thinking about how to stop spam emails from getting rid of wasting your time by deleting them daily. Don’t worry; you can learn how to prevent or reduce spam emails in this article.

Methods to stop spam emails:

How to stop spam emails may not be possible but reducing them is possible. So you need to reduce unwanted emails then, you have to follow some steps. You have to filter out most of the emails. This is not a final way that your email client filters the spam emails to a folder. You cannot completely stop the spam emails, but you can reduce them to some extent. The following are the steps to follow if you want to stop spam emails.

1) Report the spam:

If you get any spam emails, do not delete it mark it and inform the mail client that this is a spam content. Just report the spam by clicking the Report Spam button in the toolbar which you can see as an exclamation mark. This is in the case if you use a Gmail website. You need to train your filter. Go and visit your mail daily, check if there are spam messages and inform your mail client about it. If you are using Gmail, click the not spam button.  If you train your mail client and if it’s right, you are not going to be in tension. actually all email clients can have the report options. but the only indifference is its placed somewhere else. so that if you are not using the Gmail account then try to figure out the report option for your appropriate email client.

2) Ignore the spam: 

If you see spam messages do not click to open, ignore them. In case you open any of them, leave and consider it as spam. If you see any link or file don’t download or click on it to open. If you see any spam on the name of your friend or any relative inform them about it. Sometimes hackers developing spam emails like professional ways. so that ensures your receiver email id is more important and also noticed the subject line after deciding to open for that mail in your inbox.

3) Limit your email address:

if you sharing your email address in public then there are more chances for you get to receive spam messages. so kindly don’t share your email address and other personal information’s with everyone. Do not publish it in public if you do so you will face those spam messages. If you want or need to share or post it on the web, then go for it. If you don’t want to publish it, but you have to do it utilize another address for it.

On the other hand, usually, peoples revealed their personal email addresses for their social media profiles in public. so that anyone can note your email and probably there are high chances to some fellows send spam and promotional ads send to your emails.

Use Blur, Firefox extension, etc. if you are not easy to share your original address.

4) Anti-Spam Filter:

Use a third-party anti-spam filter if your client is local and if the client is okay with the Office’s Outlook program. You can use a few tools that will catch your spam automatically. There is a lot of Anti-spam software are available on our market and that helps to prevent spam emails. so you can choose the best third party spam filter tool as per your wish.

5) Change your ID:

If you have shared your email with everyone or your email address is public and you get spam messages every day. Now you are fed-up with those messages and you want to get rid of them then changing your email address is the best option for you.

It’s really hard to completely avoid unwanted emails that will fill up with your mailbox daily. You can get a lot of trouble for this kind of mails then it’s better to say goodbye to your current email and to create a new user mail as well as create a secure password.

If you change your ID before just inform those who you want to like your friends or colleagues. Leave the same email for a month to notify all of them and then if you think you have done your work then change it.

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