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The Most Unique Collection Of Funny WhatsApp Status Ever


This article will give a new arrangement of amusing WhatsApp status that helps looking through new clever status. Of course, Whatsapp is everyone’s favorite. With millions of users, WhatsApp keeps trending in everyone’s life. The important and popular feature in WhatsApp is the WhatsApp status. Any type of WhatsApp status reflects your mood every day. If you believe in a positive lifestyle, then the positive WhatsApp status might help you to know others what your mood is.

That’s why for you, Here I provide the new amazing collections of the funniest WhatsApp status. One might just copy it and paste it on WhatsApp. Have a look at this funny WhatsApp status list and share it.

Unique funny WhatsApp status

If you’re looking for a unique funny status, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got thousands of the best Whatsapp statuses which can amaze your family and friends. A unique collection of WhatsApp status, funny WhatsApp status of all times. A humorous collection to get a laugh out of your friends while sharing these one-liners on WhatsApp.  This collection of unique funny WhatsApp statuses will impress you.

  • After seeing other people using filters for the bright photos, I felt, using face powder my whole life was a lie.
  • I’m always late for everything? The simple reason is those good things take time.
  • Nature feels good, that’s why I broke my house and I live below the sky now. Haha.
  • Do you know what self-destruction is called? The marriage
  • She denied me, but I asked to return all money I spent on her
  • When your teacher says that stand up, I shout “comedian”
  • I never thought I will see these days because I thought I would die early with the teacher’s punishments.
  • A close good friend in need is a friend really, together side a friend at a wine store is now an actual close pal.
  • My mother always told me, don’t be in the matter of girls. That’s why I never stay between illogical people.
  • Fighting is my passion, but breaking my bones is the result.
  • Today went to a hill station with my married problem and thrown all my problems down.
  • Want to live a stress-free life? Then never have a wife
  • Just bought a new car and got into an accident. I am worried that my car had a scratch, I am okay with the 56 broken bones.
  • When a tree grows, it gives fruits. When the fat grows, it just occupies space.
  • Don’t know what the revenge my stomach wanna take with my shirt? It always breaks buttons, I think the shirt is shrunk a lot.
  • Shouting loud was my hobby, but after marriage keeping quiet is my habit.
  • Love never dies, that’s why my wife’s friend hasn’t died from having an accident.

Genuine Funny Whatsapp status

Of course, good humor is the best medicine for stress relief. It lightens the load that life can bring us day in and day out. The idea of having a genuine funny WhatsApp status also helps us forget some of the more irritating moments that life serves up.

One of the best and very funny WhatsApp status you can find on the Internet. We have made a selection of very funny and genuine moments in this collection to make it the funniest one. These are some famous quotes from very famous persons, which are so true that they remain in our memory for a long period.

  • My wine is ready, but the grapes are looking out to take revenge.
  • What do you call a glass without water? Don’t think much, it is called empty glass.
  • When I asked fish, what do you wanna eat? It didn’t answer and was continuously looking at me.
  • When I was a child, I used to eat chalk. When I am an adult, I use to eat the chalk powder in a branded packet.
  • My wife asked what you want from me? I said I got everything on the first night. She said “what?” I said, really big shocked and afraid after seeing your original face.
  • My wife says, why don’t you speak the truth always? Who will tell her that she will kill me when I say “you look ugly”.
  • Don’t know why? the teacher used to look at me very angry when I used to ask her some random real-life questions?
  • Where is my bike? I asked my wife. She said I put it in the washing machine!
  • Everyone will understand everything, but people will never understand politicians.
  • God asked me what I want? I said that a pizza with a lot of cheese.
  • Don’t know why, From good morning I am having a feeling of sleepiness. Maybe due to watching a lot of dreams at night.
  • Life is too short, that my birthday came thrice this year.

Funny WhatsApp status for Boys

Obviously, this is one of the best collections of funny WhatsApp status for boys who can have a lot of fun with their friends and family. In case you are searching for an ideal funny WhatsApp status or line to tell people about you.

What creates our set of comical WhatsApp status quotes for boys most useful?. Well, first, they’re super hilarious, especially the one about gaining weight. And second, they’re very relatable and just too true! These are mostly about relationships. Some are so relatable that you will find yourself included in one or two of them.

  • My friend said you are not strong, you can’t give pain to anyone in self-protection. My wife said that, you are wrong, who knows about mental pain better than me.
  • A fish jumped out of the water and started crying, I asked I will die. He answered, my whole life was a lie. I was a flying fish, still was swimming inside the water for many years.
  • My fish tank’s fish was found in a pond. I asked what you are doing here, it said: “I was playing a fishpond”.
  • When to say I love you? At the time, When you are in a trouble.
  • I am happy today because my husband has gone to a mental hospital! Hey, don’t misunderstand, he got a job there.
  • Who do you call a psycho? A man with two wives.
  • Whenever I don’t complete my assignment, I directly tell my teacher without fear, that please mam! Leave me today! please!
  • What do you call a phone without a sim? You call it a man without an aadhar card.
  • The world’s most commonly told lie, I love you.
  • A beautiful girlfriend is the first step to have an irritating wife.

Funny WhatsApp status for girls

Are you looking for cute funny WhatsApp status for girls? That’s great! You’re in the right place. Check out this article to read some of the best funny Facebook statuses for girls. I love funny WhatsApp status for girls and I’m sure you do too. And here are some hilarious ones for your enjoyment.

Hi, Hope you are doing well. Here are some of the new funniest WhatsApp statuses especially for girls. This status will help you to fill your mood with fun and excitement. So whenever you are feeling sad and low use this status and refresh yourself in few seconds.

  • Girls say “These boys are always talking about girls.” Meanwhile girls “did you noticed that the raj changed his hairstyle”
  • Boys are going to be boys. But the women are the women. A boy without a girl is a tower without a network. So respect girls.
  • What do we girls want from boys? Just some little things..a date, trip, pizza, shopping, burger, post likes, post comments, mentioning stories, daily messages, taking selfies, an airplane, lots of gifts and the list goes on…
  • Do you wanna see girl power? See my husband doing all work at home.
  • When I married him, he was smart and handsome. After three years, he is dumb and messy.
  • I like my teacher because she used to throw chalk at me and I used to eat it during class.
  • What is the chicken’s favorite sound instrument? A drum and stick.
  • I am happy today because just got free. Boss fired me, taken my home and now I am on the street.
  • Never tell your friend a secret, he will tell everyone without letting you know.
  • Always have a positive attitude. Take the example of me, people throw tomatoes at me and I make the ketchup from it.
  • What do you call a corporate person as a fan? A working fan.
  • I am tired of attending seminars every day from home. So I have decided to attend a seminar on how to not attend a seminar

Funny WhatsApp status for couples

What are the things that are common for both girls and boys? maybe it’s because they’re half of each other’s existence or, just because they’re human beings. you probably already know their favorite food. you can also observe what they wear, how they talk, and what they do to make yourself sure about what guys and girls like. while funny WhatsApp status for couples is a thing which you can find out easily.

There is no better way to show your love than through funny WhatsApp status for couples. Sharing this kind of cute and funny status with your partner can bring a sense of fun and joy between you two.

  • Where do you have peace of mind? Away from the wife.
  • I made a video on the best way to get a huge number of supporters on youtube. And this video became so popular that I got 20 subscribers and 1 like.
  • When you have an irritating kid then you cant expect a peaceful life.
  • By the way, when were you laughed after the marriage.
  • My love is for you, not for your whole family and relatives.
  • Every action reacts, that’s why I get slapped by every girl.
  • Life was not so simple before the marriage. After marriage, I just have to listen to the wife’s words.

Hope you liked this funny WhatsApp status collection. We included the funny WhatsApp status for boys, funny WhatsApp status for guys or boys, Funny WhatsApp status for couples, and also the unique funny WhatsApp statuses. These funny WhatsApp statuses will impress your audience and you. Feel free to share these funny WhatsApp statuses with your community, partner, or friends. Stay happy and keep uploading statuses every day. Not only statuses but the funny WhatsApp statuses. Life becomes stress-free when you take everything lightly. These funny WhatsApp statuses will definitely help you in that.

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