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Learn How to Make a Genogram on Word in 2022?

this is example of how to make genogram on word
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A Genogram is just like an own circle of relatives tree. where one can have a visual demographic of his family history. In Genogram male member of the family is in a square shape, while female members are in a circle shape. It can be drawn or made on various types of software like Microsoft Word, in this article Learn How to Make a Genogram on Word.

If you’ve used Microsoft Word and know some basics of it, then it’s not hard to make a Genogram.

How to Make Genogram – A Family Tree

The Main Difference between Genogram and a family tree is that a genogram consists of some information about the person while a family tree only depicts lineage.

A genogram is used for medical history, showing family backgrounds, relationship status. It’s useful to make your family’s genogram.

Now, How to Make a Genogram – You can use Word also to make a Genogram. But there are other websites also, designed to make a genogram.

You need to gather all the information needed. Then chose the design to make it, do you want a simple Genogram, or like a family tree, etc. You can also create a rough design on paper.

Here in this article, we will show you how to make a Genogram on Word.

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Microsoft Word – How to Make a Genogram on Word

Making a Genogram on the Word is quite easy, but there are limited designs and options. Since the Word wasn’t built for genograms.

Make Genogram on Word –

  • In Word, click on the Insert tab.
    Insert option in word document
  • Then, click on Smart Chart.
  • You will see a variety of charts, then to make Genogram click on Hierarchy.
  • Select a Hierarchy, there are many options

Hierarchy Variety of Chart in Word Document

  • To add or delete shapes there are options at the Upper-left Corner.
  • In Upper-left Corner, Click on add shape, the shape will be added.
  • Right Click on any shape and you’ll see a variety of different options.

It’s easy to make a Genogram on this software, just use your creativity. But there are some websites, which create a Professional level of Genogram.

Alternates of Word to Make Genogram
  • Edraw Max – This is a free online Genogram Maker, you can make Genogram online-only, and save it to your device.
  • VisualParadigm – This also a free option you can consider, this cloud-based Genogram Software.
  • Creately – In this software, Pre-made designs are available for you, you just have to enter your family member’s name and information, this is a time-saving method. They have both free and paid versions.

So, these were some of the best methods to make a genogram on Word or in any other software.

Make Your Genogram!

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