The insurance Adjuster Says No Hail Damage

The insurance Adjuster Says No Hail Damage

As a matter of fact, Hail damage claims are the most rejected claims because many roofing contractors want to make a profit out of their doing in the name of hail damage. So most insurance adjusters reject the claim for the Hail storm. In this article, we will discuss what to do when your insurance adjuster says no hail damage.

Here is what you can do if the insurance adjuster says no hail damage. You have to do it in a certain way to get the most out of the insurance claim for hail damage.

All the tips and tricks are present in this article make sure that you follow all to get the best results. 

What Do Hail Damage Covers?

Hail damage comes under the property damage insurance policy. If the hail has done anything to the house then the insurance company will pay for that damage. You can also buy a special hail damage insurance policy as well.

This cover is only for outdoor house damage like the garden, roofs, and all. No interior damage covers under this insurance policy.

But you have to go through a series of paperwork and site checking. The insurance adjuster will come to inspect the site. And will tell if it is hail damage or the irresponsibility of the owner.

Also, you can not buy an insurance policy for the hail damage in the old house. If your house is new only then you can buy an insurance policy. If you have purchased the old house then it will also not be applicable.

A Common Reason For Dyeing The Hail Damage Claims

Here are some of the common reasons that insurance adjusters use to deny the insurance claim for hail damage. If you are going to fill the claim for hail damage then remember all these things in mind and make sure that you do not give the chance to reject your insurance claim.

#1. If you applied for the claim several days after the storm.  Then the claim rejects immediately because as soon as you have the damage you should apply. Because in the inspection they can see the real damage.

#2. If you have any skipped premium then the insurance claim will be rejected. First, you have to pay that premium and after that, you can apply.

#3. If your policy does not support a hail damage claim then it will be rejected. It is advised to read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Then you will be aware of the coverage of your insurance policy.

Tips To Get The Claim For The Hail Damage

Here are some important tips that you can sure to get hail damage coverage. Make sure that you follow them as it is because only then you can get the best out of your policy.

#1. Collect evidence- Having evidence will help you in getting coverage quickly. As soon as you see the damage makes a video of the damage. The photo rejects. So for the safe side make a video.

#2. The insurance adjuster comes after a few days to check the damage. So till then make sure that you do not worsen the damage. Try to keep the damage minimal. And protect the property from further damage. Use different types of things to keep the damage intact for some days.

#3. The insurance adjuster will do everything to make you say that the damage is caused by you. So do not give any type of recorded statement to your insurance adjuster. Because those can be used against you. And there is no requirement for the recorded statement in the insurance claim. So avoid this completely by denying to say anything on the recorder.

#4. Seek legal help. If your insurance adjuster is denying your right claim then you can take legal help. You have to hire an attorney and they will fight in the court on behalf of you. So all you have to do is give them all the necessary information and documents.

So these are the main things that can help you in getting the insurance claim for the insurance. Not many know about these and hence are caught in the trap of the insurance adjuster.

What To Do When The Insurance Adjuster Says No Hail Damage?

If the insurance adjuster has denied your claim the the only solution to get the claim is the court. You have to keep your point in the court against the insurance adjuster. But make sure that you gather enough evidence before.

Like the videos and the photos everything. If possible try to record the statement that the insurance adjuster gives to deny the claim. Because if he is denying for the wrong reason then it will work in your favor.


In conclusion, here is what you can do when the insurance adjuster says no hail damage. An insurance adjuster can deny the claims for a simple thing. So it is really important to do all things correctly and follow all these tips to avoid any mistakes.

Here are some tips that you can use if your insurance adjuster has already denied the claim. These tips will help you in getting the correct amount from the insurance companies. Hope you all will find this helpful.


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