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Learn How To Delete iFunny Account

iFunny is a good entertaining platform where users can create and consume funny gif images and short videos. However, many users were irritated and annoyed by emails and messages from iFunny. In that regard, you’ll know here How To Delete the iFunny Account.

The first thing you need to know is you cannot delete the iFunny account from the iFunny app.

You have emailed the iFunny Support Team and you have to put a request to delete my account.

However, you can deactivate your iFunny account from the Mobile App. That will also stop the emails, but if you are concerned is related to privacy, then might you’d delete your account.

You will learn here, how you can send an email to the iFunny Support Team, in order to delete your account.

Here is How To Delete iFunny Account

iFunny support team has multiple options for you.

iFunny Account deletion might take up to 2-3 business days and also required some relevant information to check you are a registered user.

Simple Instructions To Delete/Remove  Your iFunny Account Easily-

#1. Send an email at – support@ifunny.co

#2. Now, put a subject in your email according to your request. Eg. ‘Request To Delete My Account

#3. The email you used while creating the iFunny account,  should send an email from that email address only. It is not mandatory but it will speed up the process, otherwise mention in the body of your email, that your iFunny Account sign up an email address is this.

#4. In the main body of your email, add some relevant information. Like your username. Your registered email is not necessarily. But your reason for leaving the platform.

#5. After that, you will be receiving an email from iFunny that they will need 2-3 businesses to delete your iFunny account.

#6. Then, you will receive the confirmation email, that your iFunny Account is deleted.

If you have given information, might there will be no reply or an email to give your information.

Here is a sample email –

Sample Email To Delete Your iFunny Account

Here is How To Deactivate Your iFunny Account Through The App

If you just want to take a small break, or you are annoyed by an anonymous email with attachment, you can deactivate your iFunny account.

The best part is you don’t need to send emails and wait for the next three days to delete the iFunny Account, you can deactivate the iFunny account instantly.

You need to first download the iFunny app through Play or the App Store. All the steps are the same for iOS Apps and Android Apps.

Steps To Deactivate iFunny App –

#1. First and foremost open your iFunny App.

#2. Then you have to select – Profile icon.

#3. Now, tap on Settings and Privacy.

#4. Here, you will get the option to deactivate your iFunny Account, Tap on it – Deactivate Account.

#5. Then tap on – Deactivate, after reading the deactivation information page.

#6. Enter your iFunny Account Password.

#7. In the last step, click on yes, to confirm your deletion request.

But keep in mind, this feature is limited to some devices only.

Note Many devices don’t have this feature of deactivating an iFunny account. In that case, you can email the iFunny Support Team, and request them to deactivate your account, then simply uninstall the app, this will deactivate your account. Mail them as described in the article and uninstall the app, don’t log in again. This will deactivate it, but won’t delete the iFunny Account, if you logged in again, it will be reactivated.

Here is How You Can Stop Emails and Messages From iFunny

You can stop the emails and notifications you are receiving from various sources by simply unsubscribing to emails. There is an option giving to you to stop receiving that particular company mails.

Actually, all the emails are auto-generated by computers, when you made an account, you have automatically subscribed to them by default.

Similarly, you can turn off notifications of any app, in settings, both in android and iOS apps.

However, if you care about privacy, this won’t help you, even deactivating won’t help. Then, you should delete your iFunny Account.

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In Conclusion

To delete your iFunny account, you can do the following things mention in the article.

Internet is expanding, and connecting the remote locations of the world. This technology has introduced us, to meme culture, where trending and funny things are more shareable. But when we make our accounts in that apps, they reach out in our inboxes, with their advertisements.

Surely you should take 5 minutes to delete or deactivate it, to enjoy healthy digital life.

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