How to change kik username follow {step-by-step}


Although this may be true, Kik is a free mobile SMS messaging application support on both IOS and Android. Which is very much similar to the Telegram, WhatsApp. So, as usual, we need to change our names to prank friends or keep ourselves private from others and strangers. Of course, It’s easy to change your display name but it is difficult to change Kik username.

How to change Kik username?

As I said before, you can’t change your Kik user name once it is set. By default, once your username set to Kik, then it will never change for any reasons. On the other hand, you can able to change your display name in Kik application. So it’s better to try change first and last name instead of changing the username. You can follow the below step by step instructions to change your Kik display name without any trouble.

1) First up all to open your Kik application in your smart phone.

kik application starting page

2) Then you can click on “settings” from the upper right/left corner.

kik settings icon

3) Now you can select “Your Account” option here.

Kik your account option

4) From the next window, click on the “Name” field.

Kik your account name

5) Hereafter new window will be visible to you. Now fill The “First Name” and “Last  Name” to change your name on Kik.

change firstname and lastname

6) Once you completed filling those fields, then click “SAVE” button on top of the screen.

change account name save

display name changed Kik account

The only way which can help you to change your Kik username is to delete your current account and open a new account. otherwise you can change your Kik display name only possible solution so far.

Best features of Kik

All though there are lots of SMS messaging apps available. But Kik become so much popular for it more attractive and unique features. Some of them :

  • Of course, the best and the most famous feature of the Kik is You can chat anonymously as it does not require any phone number.
  • Obviously, it is easy to customize different SMS tones for different people.
  • Additionally, you can easy to connect with new people from your contact join Kik as it send notification.
  • Moreover, you can receive, send and delivery receipt notification.
  • Identically you can set your user name to identify your profile easily.
  • Unlimited media share (video, mp3, GIF, documents).

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