To Learn How To Charge a VUSE Without a Charger?

To Learn How To Charge a VUSE Without a Charger

In this article, I’ll share with you how to charge a VUSE without a charger. E-cigar is one of the most popular products among youths and those that want to give up smoking. VUSE Alto is particularly popular in the race for affordable e-cigars. It has great features and attracts a lot of flavors. Of course, it has POD mode. VUSE comes with draw activated. And has a 350mAh battery that can last a while. It is considered one of the best e-cigars for good smoke and breeze. The small size of it makes it easier to carry around different places with ease. It has some of the best flavors to offer to you.

Here’s How to charge a VUSE without a charger using a laptop?

If you are on the road or someplace where you do not have electricity available, you could still charge your VUSE. This method is very simple and can work with most e-cigars. However, you would still need a power source to charge your e-cigar. A simple way to source something like this could be a laptop.

Step-1) Close all running apps and background activity on your laptop. This is necessary because when you share your power source with your VUSE, it will extract a lot of power and shut down your laptop even before the charging is complete.

Step-2) Insert the micro USB port of your e-cigar into your laptop. Exactly like you would do to transfer any data. Once you see the blue light appear on your VUSE, you can leave both devices for some time before you remove and start using them.

Step-3) Remember you can only use your portable machines like laptops only once for charging as I mentioned earlier, e-cigar extracts a whole lot of amps in very little time. Also, it is recommended that you only use the original USB port to charge your VUSE.

How To Charge a VUSE Alto Without a Charger Using a USB-WALL adapter?

This method is a little risky and has not been widely used. If you still wish to proceed with the following, you shall do the same on your own. This tutorial is for educational purposes only. And certainly, would not endorse anything that might be harmful to the user.

Step-1) Get a USB-Wall adapter. It could be of any company, but it could be great if you have access to an Apple charger because it has built-in voltage control.

Step-2) Now, Get your hands on a USB cable and cut down the input port of your cable. Once you do that, you’ll see a couple of wires.

Step -3) In most cases, you’ll see only two wires, RED and BLACK. But if there is also green, just cut the wire out.

Red and black wire image

Step-4) Before using the same, make sure that your wires are long enough to be able to reach the VUSE ALTO charging length.

Step-5) Now, take both the wires and put the red wire in the middle charging hole. And the black one on the left side of the red wire.

You can Put the red wire in the middle charging hole image

Step-6) Once you do that, you’ll see the blue light appear on your VUSE charge, suggesting that charging for the same has been started. You could either hold the wire for the period of charging, but that could be harmful in case of an explosion. It would be wise to use tape to ensure the wire doesn’t come out of the VUSE.

Vuse charge without using charger output image

Step-7) I would recommend using this method for exceptional cases only and that you quickly get an original charger that comes with VUSE. Using the following method many times would invite mishaps into your life. Of course, it is best that you only use the original charger at any time. But if you need something urgent, this could work as a temporary solution.

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