Is Lapiplasty Covered By Insurance

Is Lapiplasty Covered By Insurance?

In this article, we will discuss whether Lapiplasty is Covered By Insurance or not. Of course, Lapiplasty is the advanced surgery version for the bunion. Doctors are practising this worldwide this day. The insurance policy covers Lapiplasty because it is a medical surgery procedure. Read to learn more about this.

Lapiplasty and the insurance coverage

Any deformities in the foot and ankle refer to as “Bunionette”. People think that it can be cured naturally by wearing the right type of shoes but it is not the case. Because all foot deformity diseases are genetic. Hence they can not be cured by an external force. The unstable joints start to impact activities of day-to-day life. Surgical procedures are the only way to get rid of these deformities. The intense pain makes it impossible to put pressure on the foot. and wearing walking boot and shoes become more painful. Hence surgery becomes a must in this case.

Now the most common question is “Is Lapiplasty covered by insurance”? Let’s try to find the answer to this question in a little more detail.

What is Lapiplasty?

It is the modern treatment for the bunion. Labiaplasty 3d bunion correction is the new and easy way to correct bunion diseases. People think that bunions are bone enlargement. But actually, it is the unstable joints that look like bone overgrowth. With the help of this surgical procedure, the doctors put the joints in their original form and hence treat the bunion. This treatment is not like the traditional conservative treatment. It is a modern medical procedure and the recovery times in this procedure are very short.

Recovery time in the Lapiplasty procedure

The doctor advised not to put pressure on the foot after the surgery. After five weeks patients can return to normal walking and light sports activities. If you want to do heavy sports then you have to wait for at least 4 months. Lapiplasty patients have a slow recovery rate because of weak joints. The doctor advised waiting for a long time because the joint became stable and strong. But you can go home the same day as the lapiplasty procedure. There is not much aftercare. The doctor will suggest some light exercise to do at home skiing with the medications.

Insurance coverage for the Lapiplasty procedure

Lapiplasty falls under the insurance policy. This is a medical surgical procedure that is covered by most insurance policies. You can check your insurance plans for more detail about this. All the details are mentioned on the policy’s physical copy. But traditional bunion surgery and lapiplasty are covered under the insurance. All you need to have is a written letter from your doctor about your condition. That letter acts as proof of your disease. And it will be cross-verified by the insurance agent during the time of the insurance claim. So make sure that you have that before applying for the claim.

Medical conditions that affect lapiplasty procedure

Certain pre-existing medical conditions can affect this surgery. Although you have to discuss these with your doctor. The age of the patient matters a lot in this surgery. Because the patient becomes inactive for a few months and it harms the health of the elderly persons. The second is the blood sugar level. If your sugar level is normal only then the doctors will perform surgery on you. High sugar level patients can not have this surgery. Your blood pressure level matters the most here. Patients with no blood pressure history or low blood pressure level will face no problems in the surgery.

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Cost of Lapiplasty surgery

The surgery cost depends on many factors. Like the doctor that you have selected. Your medical condition. All these play a great role. If you have an insurance policy then the overall cost for the whole treatment will reduce by about 60 to 70%. The average cost for the treatment is $3000. This cost includes doctors’ fees, surgical treatment fees, and medical bills. So, this value is not fixed. Some doctors prescribe other medicine so the cost may vary a lot from hospital to hospital and doctor to doctor. The claiming process may take time so try to fill the claim a little early before the surgery.

Risk factors in Lapiplasty surgery

There are certain risk factors too in the surgical procedure. Not every patient feels this discomfort. But some of the patients feel this. So you should also discuss this with your doctor before the surgery. Make sure that you prepare yourself for all these. but all of these symptoms will go away along with the recovery.

  • Infection
  • Abnormal pain in the processed area
  • Implant migration
  • Bonne fixation loss
  • Decreased bone density
  • More recovery time than usual
  • Inflammation
  • The sensation of pain from time to time

These are all the symptoms that you will face after your surgery. But if you will take your medication properly along with all the exercise then these symptoms will go away early.


In conclusion, Lapiplasty is an advanced surgical procedure for bunions. Doctors these days are doing this procedure more than traditional bunion surgery. Because it is safer and the recovery period is faster than the traditional surgical procedure. The patients feel less discomfort during this procedure. So more and more doctors are practising this these days. The surgical procedure cost is high too. But with the help of insurance, the total cost becomes half.

Here is everything that you need to know about the lapiplasty surgical procedure. The more you can discuss with your doctor and the insurance agent. Your insurance broker will help you to claim the insurance for the surgery. So make sure that your insurance agent is a loyal person. You can claim for the lapiplasty surgery from your health insurance too. Hope you will find this helpful.

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