How To Get Rhinoplasty Covered By Insurance?

How To Get Rhinoplasty Covered By Insurance

The following guide explains how to get rhinoplasty covered by insurance. Here is how you can make the insurance company pay for your nose job. If the nose job is not for medical purposes, the insurance company does not pay for it. So, have to make it look like it is for medical purposes.

When does insurance cover rhinoplasty surgery?

As a matter of fact, Nose surgery is another term for rhinoplasty surgery. According to the latest surveys, more than 3.5 lakhs nose jobs completed in 2021. Despite the corona people still are doing nose surgeries. It is because the nose is present at the center the same. And a slight shape will destroy the whole look of the face. That’s to all the surgical procedures now people can change their face as they want.

Rhinoplasty surgery is costly and with the increase in demand front the past few years the money for this also increased. Hence people start to think about taking an insurance policy that gives coverage for nose jobs.

But not every nose surgery procedure is covered by insurance policies. Here is how to get rhinoplasty covered by insurance.

Different types of the rhinoplasty surgery

There are two different types of functional rhinoplasty. The insurance plan for both nose surgeries is different. The two types of the procedure are as follows;

  • Medical rhinoplasty
  • Cosmetic rhinoplasty

The health insurance covers the rhinoplasty surgery. The insurance will cover the cost of the surgery if only it is for medical purposes. If you want to claim the insurance for the cosmetic procedures then your claim will get rejected.

Documents required to get the insurance coverage for the nose job

Insurance companies require many documents before approving a claim for rhinoplasty surgery. If the surgery cost will be covered by insurance then you have to submit the medical documents of consultation with dr. and the doctor should be verified. All the submitted documents will cross-check, by the insurance broker. So, you can make sure that all the medical details are properly mentioned in the letter. Make sure that your doctor writes proper notes on the documents, facial plastic surgeon notes are more important in this case.

How can I get my insurance to cover the cost of rhinoplasty?

If you want your insurance company to pay for your cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery. Then you have to prove that the surgery is due to some medical condition.  Here are all the medical conditions generally accept by the insurance companies.

  • Deviated septum
  • Breathing problems due to the nose
  • Polyps
  • Structural abnormalities
  • Some birth defects
  • Serious accidents due to which the noise abnormality arises

Make sure that you prepare proper doctor advice almonds with all the documents. Because the doctor’s statement will cross-check by the insurance broker.

How much does a nose job cost for insurance coverage?

If you become successful in getting the insurance plan for your nose job then you have to pay less than 50% of the total surgery cost. A nose job surgery costs $2000. But the medical health insurance plan will cost you only $500. Because health insurance covers more than 70% of the total cost of the treatment. Hence more and more people try to get insurance plans for nose jobs.

But remain careful while doing this. Because once they find then you have to pay a fine and your health insurance will deny permanently.


In conclusion, a nose job is among the most expensive cosmetic surgeries. If it is for medical purposes then it will cover by the insurance company Otherwise the claim will be denied by the insurance company. Here is everything that you can do to make your insurance company pay for the nose job. Seek help for an expert doctor. If you have any close insurance agents then you can ask them to help you with the preparation of the documents.

The insurance agent might also help you to get the compensation amount for the surgery. I hope you find out from this article how to get rhinoplasty covered by insurance without getting into any trouble.

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