Feature Image- How To Apply Pressure To A Girl {Follow Simple Tricks}

How To Apply Pressure To A Girl {Follow Simple Tricks}

Applying pressure on your girl is very easy. do not do physical or sexual abuse in the name of pressure. follow all these tricks to apply pressure in the right way.

The theory of pressuring  in a relationship

Nowadays, Relationships are complicated and here there is no guarantee that your relationship will remain the same till death, Isn’t it? It is not necessary that your partner feels the same about you after a certain period. However, the quality of a relationship depends on a variety of factors. Pressure is the word everyone is familiar with. This influences your relationship too. Commonly females change their minds about a particular relationship soon So in this article I will tell you about how to apply pressure on a girl to make her stay with you.

Remember we are not talking about physical pressure or any kind of physical harm.

Here are some tips on how to apply pressure on a girl

Boy apply pressure on a girl

Types of pressure in the relationship

On a general basis, there are two types of pressures that are found in any relationship. These are:

  1. Internal pressure- jealousy, over-expectations, cultural difference, etc.
  2. External pressure- money, family, health, etc.


Your partner knows that you love her but try to let her know shortly how much she means to you. Take her on romantic dates and express your feelings again. Like, say “my heart still explodes when you look at me”. Say sweet romantic things to her. This thing will keep your relationship fresh and it kind of puts internal pressure on your girl. Whenever she has a change of mind, she will recall all these sweet things and will refuse to leave.

Accept differences

Two persons can never be alike. There is always some difference. It is not important that she likes the same things as you. So never make her feel that her choices are wrong and she should not like this or that. Always respect her likes and dislikes. Do things that she likes even if you do not like them. This will help you to control her. Because she will not say no to something in the future because she knows that you too do things that you are not interested in just for her.


Communication for couples

As a matter of fact, most people do not find real love when they’re in a relationship because of a lack of communication. Try to communicate with your partner about little things. You will be able to grow your relationship even more if you do effective communication with your partner. Try to put away the phone while you are spending time with her. Make her feel comfortable talking to you. Always listen to her actions and ask questions in between to let her know that you are paying attention to her.


If you really wanna put emotional and internal pressure on your girl then learn how to compromise. I know it is very hard to accept someone with a completely different lifestyle or perspective but this is the key.  With practice, you will learn this and your girl will automatically feel internal pressure. She will try to adjust herself to you too and this will eventually avoid fights between you.

Do not involve others

You might be close with her family and friends. But do not allow them to interfere in between your fights. The same applies to you never taking your friends in between during the low times of your relationship. This shows mature behavior. If you will do this then she will also do this. So try to avoid doing this first. And if she is doing this try to make her understand that this is not a good thing to do. And it will only make them apart.


In conclusion, any kind of physical or sexual abuse is not allowed in a relationship. These types of relationships are very unhealthy and you should immediately get out of such a relationship. If you want to apply pressure on your girl then be there for her emotionally, always support her and care for her. These things will automatically put internal pressure on your girl. You can also use some manifestation techniques. All of the above-mentioned techniques are very effective. She will never leave you if you do all these correctly and without exception. Try them and see the difference.

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