How To Be An Insurance Broker In South Africa?

How To Be An Insurance Broker In South Africa

Being an insurance broker in South Africa is not easy. There are a series of events that you have to go through. first, you will join an insurance training program, then an internship program, then an entrance exam. to know more about these in detail read the article below.

Requirement of insurance broker in South Africa

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Insurance agents are the person that develops a relationship between the insurance company and the customer. Their role is very vital in buying any insurance policy. But there are a few specific things that an insurance broker in South Africa has to obtain. The criteria are almost similar except for a few things. So here is the ultimate guide for how to be an insurance broker in South Africa.

There are different types of insurance, for example, some work for home insurance only, some for auto insurance, and some work for all the niches. Hence it depends upon you which niche you select.

#1. Insurance broker training

If you want to find a job as an insurance broker fast then you have to add an internship to your insurance resume. Some of the insurance brokers’ program provides internship opportunity insurance programs. This internship will not only increase your chances to get hired but also help you in self-growth. You will learn how the internal system of the insurance world works. And hence you will understand how to start work and all.

#2. Obtain an insurance broker license

Insurance brokers license

A broker’s license is the must thing if you want to do a good job. Of course, An insurance broker’s license is available in the areas of personal insurance, property insurance, and casualty insurance. It is up to you to choose the genre of your choice. If you want to become an insurance broker in South Africa then you have to pass a series of exams. This series will have a total of 5 to 6 exams.

After clearing all these you will get the insurance broker license and certificate. Both of these documents are necessary for this job. These exams will have basic questions about insurance and risk management. You can learn all these in any internship program. Hence no need to worry about these exams.

#3. Educational requirements

It is not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree to become an insurance broker in South Africa. But you have to join an insurance broker training program. This program can also be joined by university graduates. However, a degree is not necessary. This is the only educational requirement that is necessary to work for companies.

#4. Finding a job

Finding insurance agent related job in South Africa

After doing all this you will need to secure a job. It is not important to work as the main insurance broker for the company. In the beginning, you can join the broker’s assistant panel. her e you will practice more and once you will have enough knowledge then you can either start your own business or you can apply somewhere else.

If you will show your great skills in the begging then there are high chase of you to get a permanent job in a good company. So try your best with it. If you have a bachelor’s degree then you can also try business administration or economics.

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#5. Fields in the insurance broker work

Insurance brokers have many fields to choose from. It is up to you which field you select. Some of the common job opportunities for insurance brokers are as follows:

  • Customer service rep processes
  • Rep process insurance transactions
  • Service rep processes insurance

All these are the beginner’s jobs that you will offer in any company. Choose your genre wisely because you will have to gain mastery over that genre within a small amount of time. Only then you will be able to get a permanent job.

Responsibilities of an insurance broker

Some of the basic responsibility of any insurance broker is as follows:

  • Working on new clients
  • To maintain the relationship with old customers the insurance broker has to manage a report. This report contains all the information about the customer. And this needs to update regularly.
  • Need to manage all types of insurance transactions.
  • Helping customers with the claim and getting new policies.
  • Insurance broker usually works for different companies. Hence you have to give your customers a sold offer.
  • Keep updated with the market. Give new offers to the customers.
  • Maintain a healthy relationship with both old and new customers.


In conclusion, there are some basic requirements of the insurance broker in South Africa. Here getting this job is not easy. You have to go through the training programs, internship, and entrance exam. So you should have a lot of dedication for this. As a result, becoming an insurance broker is not as difficult as you may think. There will many options for you as you can work in any company, you can even work for multiple companies at a time. This job is mostly working from home and you can also start your own company.

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