Do I Need Insurance To Mow Lawns?

Do I Need Insurance To Mow Lawns

If I want to mow my lawns, do I need insurance? Having insurance for the lawn worker is not necessary, but if you want to increase your chance to get work then you should have one. For any lawn care company to hire you, you will need to have workers’ compensation insurance. Because you are responsible for all covered damages and It will be paid by your insurance company.

Mow lawns workers and the insurance

Lawn care companies have a significant business these days. Almost every house these days has a space for a lawn. But lawn care requires time. So having a mow lawn worker is necessary. Some small businesses of lawn care run very effectively. But there are certain things that you should consider before hiring a lawn worker. Even if you are trying to start your own company you need to consider these things.

You have to take insurance for lawn care because there are many things to consider. And if you are a worker then you should have workers’ compensation insurance or general liability insurance for workers. Here is the detailed answer to the most basic question “do I need insurance to mow lawns”?

Why should the lawn worker have insurance?

The lawn cleaner doesn’t have to have a certificate of insurance. Insurance covers mostly the damage. Hence, if a lawn worker has insurance, you do not have to pay for any injury during work. Of course, the appropriate insurance company will pay for all the injuries as well as the lawn damage that will happen.

If the lawn worker does not have professional liability insurance, you will become responsible for covering all the damage to the person’s health. General homeowners insurance does not cover the lawn worker’s damage.

Things a homeowners insurance covers

The homeowner’s insurance covers very limited things. Additional insured things do not cover under the homeowner’s insurance. The insurance agent (broker) is the main person who can help you get the perfect insurance according to your needs. If you already have multiple insurances then you might not need the homeowner insurance.

Here are the things that homeowner insurance covers:

1) Repairs or replacement of any house part. Make sure that the damage does not happen due to any natural cause.

2) If the house is going under any legal case then it will be covered by the insurance policy.

3) All kinds of roof damage.

4) If the garage is allocated inside the house then it is covered under the insurance policy. But if it is on the lawn then it will be excluded from the policy.

So, no bodily injury of the lawn worker or the lawn injury is covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy. If you want insurance companies to cover more of your house then you have to buy some additional insurance policies.

Lawn care business owner insurance

Just like commercial auto insurance is necessary to run the car business, lawn insurance is a mandatory thing to run a lawn care business. There are a lot of things that are covered under lawn insurance. There is a lot of business equipment that is required in this business. and all the tools are expensive. Hence, the insurance cover lawn workers and tools and the whole business. If the business is under any legal terms then the insurance also covers that expense. The worker’s compensation insurance also covers the overall business insurance.

Insurance cost for the lawn care business

All the businesses are divided into different tiers. Each tier decides a specific level. If any business falls under the first tier then the insurance cost for that business will be high. These tiers decide based on risk in a particular business. The lawn care business comes under the third tier. Because this business does not have much risk except for the work time injury. Those injury rates are almost negligible. Hence the total business insurance rate is very low.

The claim for the lawn care business is very easy to get. Because there is not much to investigate. And hence the owner gets the insurance money in a short period.

How to verify if the lawn worker has the insurance?

Certain factors will help you to confirm if the lawn worker has insurance or not. Make sure you cross-check all of these.

1) Check the license of the lawn worker. Make sure that the license is given by a verified lawn care business owner.

2) Do not accept an offer if the lawn worker does not have a license from the authorized company.

3) Do not accept those offers whose price increases in between the contract term.

4) Try to avoid the recommendation. Search a little about the lawn care business and try to hire from a verified business.


In conclusion, here is the answer to the most common question do I need insurance to mow lawns? Insurance is not a necessary thing but it will be good if you have one. Your chances of getting the work will increase. Because then you will have your insurance. And your insurance company will pay for any kind of damage. So the lawn owner will relieve you a little and let you work freely. Here is complete information about the lawn care business insurance and the lawn worker insurance. Hope you will find this helpful.

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