How To Unlock Facebook In Ultrasurf VPN – 2024 Guide

How To Unlock Facebook In Ultrasurf VPN

Want to know How To Unlock Facebook In Ultrasurf VPN be with us. Facebook is a highly engaging and, of course, the world’s largest social media platform, but its excessive use wastes time. For students, it may result in a waste of time, and for working professionals, it results in low productivity. Due to this, companies, schools, and organizations block Facebook and other websites. Some websites are blocked in the whole country by the government.

So, how do we bypass these restrictions? Well, there are multiple ways, but today we will discuss Ultrasurf. You are in the right place if you want to know Ultrasurf and how to unlock Facebook in ultrasurf vpn.

Let’s begin this interesting article.

What is Ultrasurf?

It’s important to know about Ultrasurf before we see How To Unlock Facebook In Ultrasurf VPN. Ultrasurf is a digital product that acts as a tool to bypass restrictions on the internet. In simple words, it is software that allows individuals to unlock blocked content, including websites on the Internet.

Whether you want to access blocked content on an organization’s system or banned content by the government, you can rely on Ultrsurf. Don’t misunderstand Ultrasurf as a web browser. More specifically, it is an advanced proxy service that uses an encrypted mechanism to let you access unlocked content, bypassing all restrictions.

Ultrasurf VPN Vs Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf VPN is a product of Ultrasurf that provides VPN service to users.VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which once again is used to unlock blocked content on the Internet. The basic difference between Ultrasurf and Ultrasurf VPN is the former is the proxy service, and the latter is the typical VPN service. The major difference is that in VPN service, you will find both VPN and proxy, while in proxy, you will not find a VPN. Using VPN and Proxy is recommended because they can bypass all sorts of restrictions.

How To Unlock Facebook In Ultrasurf?

If you want to access Facebook on a PC, you have to use the Ultrasurf proxy service. Follow the below process to unlock Facebook.


First of all, You can install Ultrasurf from here.


  • Once you open it, if you are using Internet Explorer, it will automatically start working.
  • For other browsers, just go to Settings and then Advanced Settings.
  • Under the advanced setting, find and click Network.
  • Under the Network section, just select Use System Proxy.
  • However, in the case of Chrome, you just have to add the Ultrasurf VPN extension, and you are ready to use it. Ultrasurf Extension can be downloaded from here.


After the above two steps, you can access Facebook or any other blocked site on your browser.

How To Unlock Facebook In Ultrasurf VPN?

VPN is very common globally. It creates a private network with another server, allowing an individual to access the blocked content. Basically, if a website is blocked in China, you can use the VPN to access that site on USA’s server. Simply, it connects your internet to another server safely.

Now, below are the steps to unlock Facebook using Ultrasurf VPN.


First of all, You can install Ultrasurf VPN from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.


Select the server for connection. Under the Server section, you will find servers from many countries.


Tap on the Server, and it will connect. If you directly tap the Connect Toggle, it will connect to the current strongest server.

Wrapping Up

Ultrasurf, combined with Ultrasurf VPN, is a great tool to access everything blocked online. If you think about whether it is safe or not, don’t think anymore. Because it is safe, and if you are using its VPN service, you can trust it blindly.

The best thing is it can be used with any browser and on any OS. Lastly, it is free to use, so don’t wait anymore and enjoy the content you have missed due to restrictions.


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