How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Let’s learn how to Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion. Pokemon Infinite Fusion allows us to fuse two of our favorite Pokemon into one Pokemon. Which has the qualities and abilities of both of the Pokemon.

Let’s Learn How To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Traditional Pokemon offers us to catch, train, and do battles. Whereas, Pokemon Infinite Fusion is the game that gives us the benefit of two of the Pokemon while playing. There are different randomization options available in the setting. So that you may fuse two of the Pokemon into one and enhance the quality of the game.

Let’s check some of the Pokemon items’ randomization of your choice in the game. Let’s explore in detail how to randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

To Randomize Trainer

For randomizing trainers’ then one should go for the option of randomization in the trainers’ randomization settings. But we should also know about base stats first, before randomization. As base stats are the stats of Pokemon and randomization replaces only such Pokemon with other Pokemon which fall under these stats.

However, this stat is different for different Pokemon like trainers and wild Pokemon. Thus base stats will be also taken into your account while randomizing Pokemon.

To Randomize Gym Types

In the initial stage, gym leaders and trainers use the same Pokemon. But when the randomization option is enabled then random Pokemon are assigned to both of the Pokemon. Also to get an idea about the randomization type one can ask the man available at the entrance of the gym.

Whereas to randomize three of the Pokemon that one gets in the beginning then one should go to enable the randomization option of the starter randomization.

To Randomize Starters

If someone wants to randomize three of the Pokemon which one gets at the beginning of the game. Then one should enable the option of starter randomization. Also, there are so many different options available in the randomization settings, that one may select there.

Thus there are many randomization options available and you have to choose them according to the changes you want while playing it.

Steps To Randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion

  1. First, You should back up saved files, to not lose your progress. Usually, your saved files are located in the same folder where your game is located.
  2. After that download a Pokemon Randomizer, which is a tool. This tool shuffles or, randomizes the game that may range from the Pokemon one encounters to the items.
  3. But one should ensure about the randomizer, as the randomizer is compatible with Pokemon infinite fusion. Also one can directly download the Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM.
  4. Then open the game in the randomizer. When you download the randomizer, open it and then select the Pokemon Infinite Fusion ROM there. As you know ROM is the game file that you are playing in your emulator.
  5. Then select your randomization settings. It depends upon your randomizer which you have downloaded, options may vary.
  6. Now, explore all of the available options to play the merged Pokemons with fun. When you are satisfied with your settings then hit the randomize button.
  7. Now, your ROM is modified according to the settings you have done earlier. Then load your randomized game into your selected emulator.

Now, you are in the fun-filled journey of your Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

End Note

By following these easy steps, how to randomize Pokemon Infinite Fusion can be done. To enhance more fun while playing your favorite Pokemon game. Just experiment with this game by randomizing Pokemon Infinite Fusion. But, always remember to keep the backup of your original game file.

Because during the game you might encounter a few glitches or, some strange happenings. So, enjoy your randomized game.


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