How to Unlock The Forgotten In 6 Steps (The Binding of Isaac)

How to Unlock The Forgotten In 6 Steps (The Binding of Isaac)

How to unlock the Forgotten – The Forgotten is a secret character, which was added in the Booster pack 5. It was introduced in The Binding of Issac game through an update.

Of course, Unlocking is a very complicated process, but it has its benefit. And The Forgotten can be unlocked in both the hard and normal mode.

In this article, you’ll know how to unlock The Forgotten in six easy steps.

Here’s How to Unlock The Forgotten In 6 Steps

Step-1: Defeat the First Floor Boss in 1 Minute

It is necessary to defeat the first-floor boss within a minute of entering the game in order to unlock The Forgotten. However, you should have completed the following requirements before defeating the first-floor boss to unlock The Forgotten.

  • You should’ve previously beaten The Lamb.
  • The Negative should be unlocked, you should have beaten Satan five times to unlock The Negative.
  • Choose a fast character – As you have to defeat the first-floor boss in a minute, you need to be quick. To be quick, you need to choose any fast character like – Azazel or Cain.

After doing this, you can start your run with a character. Remember you have to reach and kill the boss within one minute.

Then, You can press Tab, which will let you know how much time you have left. If you killed the boss within a minute, you will hear Mom’s yelling sound.

Step-2: Bomb Anywhere in the Starting Room

The next step is to bomb anywhere in the starting room.

After you have defeated the boss within a minute, now run back to the starting room. In the starting room, you’ll see a shadow that will appear like a shovel handle.

Now, bomb anywhere in the room and you’ll get a shovel handle, and it will fall in the room.

Step-3: Clear the Next 5 Floors

After bombing the starting room, you have got shovel handles, and now you have to clear the next five floors carrying it. In between, you’ll face a lot of challenges, like pairs of Mom’s feet will hit you from the above to crush you.

Likewise, you need to face these challenges to clear the next five floors!


  • To be safe from Mom’s feet, you need a Host Hat or Pyromania.
  • In order to stop the current waves and the stomping assault, you can use the shovel handle as an active weapon.
  • It is possible to replace the shovel handle with another active item, but you must collect the shovel handle before leaving the room. If you fail to do so, it will disappear and you will need to start again.

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Step-4: Get the Second Part of the Shovel

So now, if you have completed the five floors after grabbing the Shovel handle within 20 minutes, then you can be ready for the next part which is getting the second part of the Shovel handle.

Next, you have to complete Boss rush, which will only be available if you have defeated Mom’s feet within 20 minutes.

In the Boss rush, you’ll face 15 waves of foes from two bosses chosen from the pool of boss list. You’ll also face Mom’s feet during Boss rush.

Once you completed the Boss rush successfully, you’ll get the second part of the shovel, which will eventually transform into Mom’s shovel. The good point is when you get Mom’s shovel you don’t have to face Mom’s feet.

Step-5: Go to Dark Room

So, if you have completed the 4th step, then you have completed the hardest level to unlock the Forgotten.

  • Now, after getting the second part of the Shovel handle, go to a dark room.
  • Then, you’ve to search for an empty room in a dark room.
  • The empty room should have a dirt pile in the middle of the room.
  • If you have found the empty room with a dirt pile in middle, then stand above the dirt pile and now use Mom’s shovel.

Step-6: You have Unlocked The Forgotten

Step 6: You have Unlocked The Forgotten

Hurray! after completing all the previous steps successfully you have unlocked The Forgotten, additionally, you have also unlocked the Bone heart. Which is also a major part.

Step 6: You have Unlocked The Forgotten

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About – The Forgotten

The Forgotten is a character in Binding of Isaac, it is a secret character in Booster pack 5. The Forgotten couldn’t fire tears, instead, it has a bone club, which he can swing and use like a melee weapon.

He isn’t able to acquire a regular heart container, whichever regular heart container he acquires will turn into a bone heart. Any black heart or soul heart will be given to Soul.

Stats of The Forgotten

  • Speed – 1.0
  • Luck – 0
  • Tears – +0; x1/2
  • Damage – 3.5(*1.50)
  • Shot Speed – 1

That’s how to unlock the forgotten, hopefully, you have found this article helpful, you can comment down below, on how you unlocked The Forgotten, so it will help your fellow gamers…

Thanks for reading!

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