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The Pokemon game is one of the most mainstream games, That works with augmented technology. At one time, It became so popular that the government had to intervene to moderate the app. Nonetheless, the app still holds its popularity and it’s one of the most popular games in the world. The classic show Pokemon was the reason behind such a massive fan following of the game; Because people who earlier were to watch pokemon being captured in the show. Now, they can go outside and catch their favorite pokemon themselves.

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The game has more than 1 billion downloads, It is the fastest downloaded game. At times they were getting over 2 million downloads daily. Because of the great and immense reach of the game, there are people that want to know how to hack pokemon go. If you are one of them then, In this article I’ll share with you 5 pokemon hacks that you can use and enjoy.

Latest 2022 Tricks For How To Hack Pokemon Go?

This article will cover the most popular cheats and hack that users of Pokemon GO take advantage of. If you use them, You too will be able to easily hack into the game and enjoy a bonus advantage against your friends.

Below are the methods that we will cover in this article.

1) Make use of Spoofing

2) You can Defeat Any Gym of Pokemon

3) You can now use Pokemon GO to hack your level

4) Take advantage of multiple accounts.

People love using Pokemon GO hacks because they get them to achieve a great deal of accomplishment, Without doing much from their end. This is an absolute win and something that you should cherish. The hacks that I will be sharing won’t be peanuts; They are very powerful and you can expect to enjoy them pretty significantly. Hacks are common in Pokemon GO and many other players use them. I’ll share the same with you and you can join the army. Let’s dive into the details of how to hack pokemon go easily in 2022 for free.

This is the epitome of gaming hacks, especially of Pokemon GO. You’ll find every other hacker using this to make a lot of difference in their games. This method involves hacking Pokemon games to manipulate your location and make it visible from some other location. By doing so you will follow the game into thinking that you are in some other location, But you might be sitting on your couch. There are enormous benefits to using this particular hack. You will get some exclusive Pokemon GO features. That you may not find at your location. A lot of time when you go out to look for some creatures. You also end up wasting hours of travel and wondering just to catch some ordinary pokemon. But not with this one. Here you can easily change your location and catch the beast that you want.

1) Make use of Spoofing

Step-1: Firstly, you can turn off Auto-Screen rotate on your phone.

Step-2: Then, you can visit the website.

Inject VIP Homepage

Step-3:  Then, you can search for Pokemon Go++ and start injecting, That’s all now you can easily Spoof.

Injecting screen

2) You can Defeat Any Gym of Pokemon

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For this hack, You need some other players as well. Get 3 other players in the same game. Go to the Gym, and battle with them. After doing the remove the two-player from the battle fight. After this player needs to again join the game. But this time only one other player should leave the game. And as they leave the game, They should join a new battle instantly. What this will do is all the users that play the game will end the battle at the same time, This will result in the defeat of Pokemon inside the Gym.

3) You can now use Pokemon GO to hack your level

First, Catch a lot of not powerful pocket masters. These may include Weedle, Caterpie, and Pidgey. After doing this you need to earn twice XP in the timeframe for 30 minutes, Using the lucky egg. Now you can level up all your pocket masters to their maximum potential until they evolve. This is the perfect hack for beginner gamers that want to quickly rise to the level of other players. If you use this hack properly you can expect to get about 80 evolution in just about 30 minutes. This will also maximize your XP to the max.

4) Take advantage of multiple accounts

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This one is evergreen across different platforms and games. The old-school way to create multiple accounts. There are a lot of methods in which you can take advantage of the multiple accounts as a form of hacks. You can defeat Gym quite easily and faster if you have multiple accounts. If you have a lot of accounts you can then turn up all your accounts inside the GYM and intimidate the opponent and quickly defeat them. You should do this hack with a little caution as this may ban your account. Don’t use the same IP to create multiple accounts.

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