How To Unlock the Voltas AC Remote {Help Guide}

How To Unlock the Voltas AC Remote {Help Guide}

Voltas is one of the most loved bands for electronics. They have a wide range of ACs almost every household uses voltas these days. Their AC comes with different features. Event models have other working features. So most of the people consensus on how to unlock the Voltas ac remote. Because without opening your remote it is impossible to access the AC features.

Here is the essential guide about this unlock. All you have to do is follow the features step by step. Even if your ac remote has stopped working then you can use this guide because unlocking the remote will help with many things. 

Feature To Access Through Your Voltas AC Remote

There are many different features that you can access through your remote. So if your remote is not working then you cannot use these features. Because in Voltas the ac itself does not have any buttons. So you do all the work remotely only.

Here is the list of features that voltas ac provides that you can access through your remote.

  1. You can change between different modes like the heating mode, cooling mode, and fan mode.
  2. You can set the timer in your ac. This helps in reducing power consumption during sleep hours.
  3. You can reset the unit with the help of your remote only.
  4. You can lock the keypad. So that no accidental changes happen in the ac setting.

Steps To Unlock the Voltas AC Remote At Home

Here are the series of steps that you will follow to unlock your ac remote. If you have trouble understanding these steps, you can get help from the ac remote guide.

  1. First, you have to check if your remote is locked or not. Because there is n point in unlocking the remote if it is not locked in the first place. A lock-like icon appears on the remote screen. This shows that the remote is locked.
  2. Now most of the remotes do not have a specific button to lock and unlock.
  3. Once you have checked the display now it is time to find the right keys.
  4. Your remote will have two buttons that you use to increase and decrease the temperature of your ac.
  5. All you have to do is press these two buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  6. If the lock icon disappears from the remote screen then it shows that the remote is unlocked.

This is the whole process to unlock your voltas ac remote. If you want to look at your remote then you have to repeat the same princess. And look for the lock icon to appear on the screen.


In conclusion, here is how to unlock the voltas ac remote. The steps are very simple. In the old version of Voltas ACs, you will get the feature of lock and unlock feature with a separate button. But these days they have removed that button. Due to additional features in the AC, it is more convenient to remove one button from the remote.

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