10 Best Family Locator Apps: 2023 Edition

    10 Best Family Locator Apps: 2023 Edition

    In the modern world, we live in, safety is important for everyone, even if we are able to fulfill our needs in this world. The truth here is that nobody can be trusted easily in today’s fast-paced world. It is therefore imperative that we focus on the safety of our loved ones. In particular, ensuring the safety and well-being of our family members is seen as one of Naman’s primary duties.

    As a matter of fact, Family locator apps have emerged as valuable tools. Additionally, with this tool, you can track your own family’s location anytime without worrying about where you live. This way you can be mindful without cluttering up unnecessary things. This information technology keeps you connected even when you are away from one place.

    As we step into 2023, we have compiled a list of the ten best family locator apps available. Each of these locator apps is unique and includes different features. Most importantly, it ensures the safety of our family. Modern communication tools work seamlessly with this app so you can keep track anytime.

    Top 10 Family Locator Application: Updated for 2023

    #1. Parentaler

    This app is specially designed for parents. With this Parentaler app, you can track your parents’ whereabouts 24 hours a day. It also offers geofencing capabilities. Moreover, It allows parents to track child’s cell phone without getting into any issues.

    With this app, you can set up safe zones and get notifications when they enter or leave designated areas. Additionally, the app offers a panic button feature for emergencies and a chat option for easy communication.

    #2. Life360

    Of course, Life360 is another essential family locator app in the market. It offers real-time location tracking, geofencing, and an SOS feature. It enables families to create private groups, view each other’s locations, receive notifications, and communicate through its built-in messaging platform.

    Life360 also includes driving safety features that notify parents about speed violations. And other features like notifying parents of sudden stops. Do you think your family is your world? Then this app is the best choice for you.

    #3. Glympse

    Do you hear about the Glympse locator app? Obviously, Glympse is a versatile family locator app that allows users to share their real time location with family, friends, relations, and other well-wishers.

    This app simply offers temporary location sharing. So if you looking for one-time meetups or short trips then this feature is more useful for you. It includes features like tracking the location history from time to time, estimated arrival time, and optional in-app messaging.

    #4. FamiSafe

    Of course, FamiSafe is a comprehensive parental control and family locator app. This app provides many impressive features. Especially, If you want to track your children’s real-time location then this app is only for you. It allows you to track your child’s real-time location at any time and everywhere.

    It provides other features like set geofences, detecting explicit content on devices, monitoring app usage, etc. On the other hand, FamiSafe also offers screen time management and app-blocking features to promote healthy digital habits.

    #5. Google Maps

    I guess most people know google maps and every smartphone user must be aware of this app’s features. We all know that Google Maps is a widely-used navigation application for both Android and ios mobile. And it also includes family-sharing features.

    It allows users to share their real-time location with their friends, colleagues, and family members within a minute. It makes it convenient for coordinating meetups or tracking loved ones. The app provides accurate navigation, traffic updates, and local business information. So it’s the best and most reliable choice for all platform people.

    #6. LifeSaver

    This will definitely help you if you are a person who focuses on safe driving practices. Especially if your kids just got their driving license and are traveling alone in urban areas? Then there’s no doubt that LifeSaver is definitely the best family locator app for tracking teen drivers. Like other apps, it has many features. Using this app can prevent you from using your mobile phone especially while driving.

    It also offers key features such as monitoring the speed of drivers and providing reports on driving behavior. LifeSaver is definitely designed to keep motorists in good shape. This will guide you till you learn the rules of the vehicle. Also gives parents peace of mind.

    Helps promote safe driving habits and gives parents peace of mind. Parents can heave a sigh of relief by using this app if their child is new to driving.

    #7. Sprint Family Locator

    Sprint Family Locator is a network-based application. This app provides real-time location tracking for Sprint network subscribers. Likewise, in other applications, when using this app, you can able to locate family members, friends, co-workers, and so on.

    In addition, their sms system helps to receive arrival or departure notifications, and set geofences. The app does not compromise data leakage. So, It offers a secure messaging platform for communication within the circle, network, or families.

    #8. Safe365

    As a matter of fact, Safe365 is one of the locator application and it offers a robust set of features. The main features of this Safe365 app like tracking someone’s instant location, geofencing, and SOS alerts.

    In addition, it will be monitoring the driving behavior analysis. It also provides battery-saving options and offers compatibility with multiple platforms, ensuring accessibility for all family members.

    #9. Life Assist

    Life Assist is a comprehensive family locator app. Using this app you can able to find and track someone’s location and activities from time to time. There is an emergency assistance feature is there. It provides secure communication features with your lovable family members.

    If you want to share your current location with someone then this app has a option for this. Moreover, it provides SOS alerts and chat facilities for your closed circles.¬†Unlike other locator apps, This app includes a unique feature called “Secret Mode”. Once you enable this mode, users can able to temporarily hide their location for privacy.

    #10. Find My Friends

    Are you an IOS user? The good news is waiting for you! Find My Friends, an app developed by Apple company. So this application is dedicated to all IOS users. This app helps iOS users to share their location with friends and family members.

    When comes to features this app will allow you to access real-time location tracking for someone without getting into any trouble. Moreover, it offers geofencing, and optional notifications when a contact arrives at or leaves a specific location. The other good thing is their eye-catching user-friendly interface that helps users to provide seamless communication.


    Even though the development of information technology has brought many advancements in society in recent times, some wrong things are affecting us greatly. One of the most important of them is our safety wherever we go our safety is very important to us and our dependent family members around us. This is what family locator apps do.

    The ten apps mentioned above, including Life360, Find My Kids, Glympse, FamiSafe, Google Maps, LifeSaver, Sprint Family Locator, Safe365, Life Assist, and Find My Friends, offer an array of features to help families stay connected and enhance their safety in 2023.

    There are a lot of family locator apps available in the market. So it is always a big challenge to choose the good one, that is budget-friendly and best features. So you must consider the specific needs of your family first. And then you can prioritize the important features like real-time location tracking, geofencing, emergency assistance, and ease of communication.

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