How to Turn ON/OFF Closed Captions on Peacock

how to turn off closed caption on peacock

Peacock is a streaming service, which offers a range of movies and shows. While streaming we often like to have subtitles or closed captions, especially if the movie isn’t in our native language. In this blog post, you’ll know How to Turn ON/OFF Closed Captions on Peacock.

Peacock is available in many formats and platforms, you can use it on Mobile, TV, or Laptop.

But almost on all platforms turning ON/OFF Subtitles has the same steps.

  • First, you have to open Peacock on any device you want to stream, and then play a title (movie or show, etc)
  • Pause the video, and on the left side, you will see a speech bubble icon. That’s the button for changing Audio or Video.
  • Just tap on it, and you can change Closed Captions (CC) or turn it ON or OFF.

There aren’t any specific settings to turn ON or OFF Closed Captions or Subtitles, so every time you want to turn it ON or OFF, you have to follow this same procedure.

It will take a maximum of 30 Seconds to apply your new settings.

Now let’s see for the specific devices.

To Learn How to Turn OFF/ON Closed Caption on Peacock

#1. How to turn OFF/ON: Smart TV

  • Open Peacock and Start Playing any Show, or Movie.
  • While Watching Video, Press Select.
  • From next, you’ll See the Speech Buble icon here.
  • Tap on the Speech Bubble icon by clicking Left.
  • Now, to turn ON click on Language, to turn OFF click on None.

That’s how you can turn ON/OFF Closed Caption on Peacock without getting into any trouble on your end.

Follow the above steps to turn ON/OFF on Mobile devices like Android & iOS.

#2. How to turn OFF/ON: Mobile 

Both Android and iOS devices have the same steps to turn subtitles ON/OFF. However, you should have downloaded Peacock App to continue.

  • Go to Peacock App, Stream any video.
  • Pause the video.
  • On Bottom Right Corner, you’ll see the Speech Bubble icon.
  • Tap on it, and you’ll be redirected to Audio & Subtitles.
  • In Audio & Subtitles, you can tap on OFF, to disable subtitles.

If you are using Xfinity Remote Control, the next one is for you.

#3. How to Turn ON/OFF Closed Caption: Xfinity TV

If you’re streaming Peacock on Xfinity TV, you can follow the above steps.

  • Open Peacock on Xfinity TV.
  • Start Watching any Content.
  • While Watching Press OK 
  • Now, Hover to the left at the Speech Bubble icon.
  • Then, you can select the option called “None” to turn OFF the Closed Caption here.

Generally, the new settings will apply immediately, but if it lags, then it will take a maximum of 30 Seconds to apply to new settings.

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#4. How to Turn ON/OFF Closed Caption: Roku TV

If you’re watching Peacock on Roku TV, then just grab your Remote and follow the above steps.

  • Launch Peacock on Roku TV.
  • Play any Video on Peacock.
  • On your TV Remote Control, Press the Star Button (*).
  • Then, you can select ON/OFF to change your appropriate Subtitles.

That’s it, now if you are using Apple TV, you can follow the below steps

#5. How to Turn ON/OFF Closed Caption: Apple TV

On Apple TV also just launch Peacock, and start playing any content from Peacock.

  • While Watching any Video on Peacock, Press Select on Apple TV Remote.
  • You’ll be seeing various options on the screen, from them just select Audio Language and Subtitles.
  • Now, go to Subtitles and choose ON/OFF accordingly.

Basic Troubleshoots: How to Turn off Closed Captions on Peacock

This was the article about Peacock Streaming Service and How to turn OFF the closed captions.

Despite turning off closed caption on Peacock being straightforward and easy many users aren’t able to do this.

Either they have to do it again and again or they turn OFF the Closed Captions but they aren’t turning OFF.

In that case, you’ve to shut down your system and restart it again, because there aren’t settings on Peacock App related to Closed Captions.

Also, if you haven’t updated your app, you should update it, might be there is a bug in a version you’re using, and they have resolved this issue in their latest update.

This is the only troubleshooting method that can help, and that’s it for the article, you can comment down any queries left, we will be replying to you soon.

Thanks For Reading!

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