Learn How to Change the Language on Disney Plus

how to change the language on disney plus

Online Streaming has recently become popular, due to the content they have provided. Streaming has a unique experience, and one who often stream knows that one of the very important aspects is preferred language. In this blog, you’ll learn How to Change the Language on Disney Plus.

There are two types of language settings in the Disney Plus App –

  1. Audio and Subtitles
  2. App Language

In this blog, we will tell about both settings.

To Learn the Detailed Instruction For How to Change the Language on Disney Plus?

1. Audio and Subtitles 

Audio and Subtitles, are for individual shows or movies, that can be changed according to available languages for that show or movie.

To change audio and subtitles language, follow the below steps –

1) First, open your Disney Plus App, or go to the Disney Plus website, whichever is your preferred way to watch.

2) Then start any movie or a show, if you have a subscription log in first to access subscription features.

3) Pause the Video.

Step 1 Image Pause the Video

4) See on the lower right corner, there are two options – Settings and Language option.

Step 3 Image Change the audio and subtitles language screen

5) You have to click on the second option and change the language of audio & subtitles of video from the available list of languages.

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2. App Language 

If the app language has been changed or you have to change it to your preferred language, follow the below steps.

1) Open your Disney Plus App or go to the Disney Plus Website.

2) Then,  on ‘My Profile’ (Upper Right Corner).

Step 1: Select profile and edit profile image

3) Tap on ‘Edit Profile’.

4) Click on the Pencil icon.

Step 2 Image Edit profile pencil icon screen image

5) At last, you will see App Language.

Step 3 Image change app language page and save button screen

6) Click on it, and change to your preferred language from the drop-down list.

3. In Disney Plus Mobile App

More or fewer steps are the same for mobile app also, steps to change audio and subtitles language are the same.

So, here are the steps to change app language in Disney Plus Mobile App – 

1) First, open your Disney Plus App.

2) Tap on Profile (Bottom Right Corner).

3) Then, Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ Option.

4) Select your Profile.

5) At last, go to App Language.

6) Here, you can change to your preferred language and then click on done.

Disney Plus Language Glitch

If you haven’t changed your app language, but still it has been changed, then the language glitch could be the reason.

Many users have reported that their app language has been changed to Spanish.

If you’re facing this issue, then the temporary solution is to manually change your language from Spanish.

The permanent solution is to contact the Disney Plus Support team, and they’ll find the fix for you.

Another reason could be you’ve shared the account with someone or have given access to any third-party app.

If this is the problem, you should change the password of the account, as there is some sensitive information, like your Payment Info.

Or you can delete your Disney Plus Account, but it won’t give you a refund or end the subscription.

Disney Plus: How to Change the Language on Other Devices

Disney Plus online streaming supports a range of devices, which makes it difficult to change the language, for many non-techie users.

To simplify things, the App language can be changed through any device and will get changed on all devices.

For eg, if you’ve changed app language through your mobile, it will also be changed in your Apple TV or Roku TV, etc.

So, we will learn here to change audio and subtitles language in Roku and Apple TV, two popular devices for online streaming.

Apple TV

1) Open Disney Plus App on Your Apple TV.

2) Play any TV Show or Movie.

3) Pause the Video.

4) Then, you can select the appropriate Audio and Subtitle on the Top Right Corner of the screen.

5) Then, you can choose your desired language from the list.

Disney Plus on Roku

1) Firstly, you can go to Disney Plus on Roku TV.

2) Play any TV Show or Movie.

3) Now, press the Star button (*) on your remote control.

4) From the above menu, select your preferred language.


Disney Plus Online Streming is a great service and super affordable as compared to others. Covid-19 Lockdown has given me a chance to explore some of the amazing content, in many of these platforms.

You can leave your movie recommendations in the comment box, to help us explore, some of the quality content out there!

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Image Credits – Tech Talks (YouTube Channel)


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