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The Image Says How to Turn Off Text to Speech

Text to Speech or TTS is a technology that is used for people with weak eyesight. As a result, you can find Text To Speech on many devices. However, if you can read the text correctly, you don’t need to enable the settings. You can learn here how to turn OFF Text to Speech.

So here in this article, you will find how to turn off text to speech on Android Devices, on Windows, and on Google Keyboard/ Gboard.

A Step-By-Step Guide For How To Turn OFF Text To Speech?

On Android Devices

In Android, text to speech is known as TalkBack Mode.

To turn off the Text To Speech feature on Android, follow these instructions:-

1) Unlock Your Phone and continue to Settings.

2) Then, you can find the “Accessibility” option here and then tap on it.

3) Alternatively, you can also search for the ‘Accessibility’ option in Settings.

Step 1:search accessability in settings

4) Now, go to TalkBack Mode

This how you can turn off text to speech in Android

5) And you can TURN OFF the settings.

Turn Off Accessibility or both

Another Method

1) On your Android Device, go to the Google Assistant App.

2) Now, you can simply tell Google, “Hey Google, turn off TalkBack Mode.”

This is the simplest method, and it’s the same for all Android Devices. If your Google Assistant hasn’t been set up, you can learn how to Set Up Google Assistant.

On Windows 10 

In Windows Laptops and Computers, TTS is known as Narrator.

You can turn Text to Speech off in Windows 10 operating system by following these simple steps-

1) First of all, on your laptop or computer, you go to Settings 

Step 1 Go To Windows Settings

2) In Settings, tap on Accessibility. It’s the last third option.

Step 2 - Select Accessibility

3) Here, go to Narrator.

Scroll Down and Select Narrator Screen

4) And there, you’ll find the option to Turn OFF the Narrator.

So, this is how you can turn off text to speech in latest windows 10

Another Method –

Of course, there’s no doubt that this shortcut key method is easier than the previous method.

The Short Cut Key to Turn OFF Text to Speech in Windows is Windows + CTRL + Enter. As a side note, you can also turn Narrator on by pressing the same shortcut keys.

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On Google Keyboard/ Gboard

In Google Keyboards, you will find the option to write by giving Voice Inputs. However, it’s different from TalkBack features, but you can if you want to turn it off.

Turn OFF Voice Inputs on Google Keyboards –

1) Firstly, on your mobile phone, continue to Settings.

2) In settings, search or find manually Language and Keyboard, also known as Language and Inputs.

How to Turn OFF text to speech in Google Step 1

3) Then, tap on Manage Keyboards.

Step-2 Tap On Manage Keyboards Screen

4) You will see the list o keyboards. You can tap on Gboard or Google Keyboard.

5) Turn OFF The TalkBack Keyboard

Step-3 Turn off the talk back keyboard screen

6) Then, you can select Gboard Settings.

7) You will find the option Voice Typing. You can choose to turn it ON or OFF.

Final step to turn off text to speech in google keyboard

Note – If you use any third-party keyboard or device keyboard, you need to follow similar settings. But instead of Gboard, find that system Keyboard or Third-Party Keyboard, and turn off Google Voice Typing.

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