How To Delete eHarmony Account in 2022 (Image Tutorial)

The Image Says How To Delete eHarmony Account

eHarmony is an online dating site, it claims that one can find like-minded characters here.

But once you get into a relationship, how good is it to be active on dating sites. So, here in this eHarmony article, you will find out the simple steps for how to delete an eHarmony account.

There are also multiple options eHarmony gives to their users, you can delete, hide also deactivate your account.

First of all, we will know the detailed instructions on how to delete an eHarmony account so far.

You Need To Know How You Can Delete Your eHarmony Account?

Of course, the simple 5 Step Process helps to completely remove your eHarmony account without getting into any trouble.

Step-1 – First Login with your account at, in order to log in you need to enter your email address, and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can tap on forget the password, eHarmony will send you a link to your email address, to reset your password.

Step 1 log in at

Step-2 – Go To Data and Settings

In order to go to data and Settings, you need to click on your profile name. Next, a drop-down listing will appear, from there select Data and Settings.

Select data and settings screen image

Step-3 – Scroll Down To Profile Visibility and Tap On Click Here To Delete It

After Clicking on Account Settings, then scroll down till the profile visibility, here you need to tap on click here.

You can see all your billing information here if you haven’t taken any subscription, you can delete your eHarmony account.

Otherwise, it will stop re-occurring payments, or auto payments, from the next billing cycle.

To Delete eHarmony Account Profile Link

Step-4 – Enter Your Correct eHarmony Password and then click On Delete Your Profile Permanently

At the screen (See Image), you can see the option, you need to tap on click here.

Provide eHarmony account password and proceed delete profile buttom screen

 Step-5 – Close Your Account

You've deleted your eHarmony account successfully confirmation screen

After Clicking in Yes, close my account, after your account has been deleted, you will receive an email from eHarmony, that confirms that your account is deleted.

Deleting your eHarmony profile will result in the following:

1) Your eHarmony Account will be unsearchable, which means from now onwards, no one can search you on eHarmony.

2) But if you log in again, your account will be re-activated.

3) Your personal information should have been removed from the eHarmony site, but eHarmony Team can still access it.

4) To delete your personal information from the eHarmony database, you need to request deletion through emailing. Read blog till last to know how to delete your personal information from eHarmony.

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Would you like to learn How To Permanently Delete Your eHarmony Account?

Note – By doing so your account will be permanently deleted, which means you cannot access your account in the future. And also all your profile information, such as photos, videos, and chats, etc, will be deleted.

You can delete an eHarmony account, in two ways, either through the email address or through a phone number.

Remove Your Account From eHarmony By Email

1) Open Gmail App or Any Mailing App.

2) Just you can send an email at deleteinfo@eharmonyaccount.

3) You can add the subject line – Delete My Personal Information

4) In the main body just write 2-3 sentences on why you want to delete your personal information on eHarmony.

Remove eHarmony Profile via Phone Number

1) If you are comfortable at call, it’s an easier way out.

2) Call at – 1+ 855-290-5575

3) You can just say to the agent that you need to remove your personal information from eHarmony.

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