How To Remove Watermark From Photo: Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

How To Remove Watermark From Photo: Things I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About How To Remove Watermark From Photo?

Watermarks are identifying the copyright, manufacturer, information holder of the image; they are semi-transparent labels like image, logo, or text placed on a photo or video. It’s a method of identifying the image’s creator photography or art of papermaking. You can also put the watermark on your photo; It is your decision.

Traditional watermarks were a design or mark placed on a photo, and you put the image on the light then only, they were visible. Today’s watermarks are digital, which contain information about the creator and copyright protected. Usually, we can’t detect a watermark automatically.

There are various free image editors available offline tools and online tools for removing the watermark from an image. Offline tools are SoftOrbitsPhoto Stamp Remover, Photoshop, and Fotophire Editing Toolkit. Below given are the methods to remove the watermark from any photo you like:

The Best Online Watermark Removal Tool

1) Inpaint

Identically, It’s a tool that quickly removes objects from your photo. When you remove objects from the photo, it looks like they never were there before. You can remove objects like tourists, lines, background, and other elements to remove watermarks.

There are only a few simple steps for removing a watermark from the photo:

Step-1: Firstly Inpaint tool you can upload your photo, click on the “Upload Image“. Check your image. Be sure that image should not have the size more than 10 MB, and for the formats, it should be in jpg, jpeg and png only.

Step-2: Select the option of watermark removal tool, which is on your left menu bar. Please select the area which has a watermark, and there will be an option called Erase click on it.

Step-3: After that, wait for some time. On the right corner, you will get download option select it, and then the image will be downloaded.

2) Apwoersoft Watermark Remover

It is an easy online watermark tool that will help you to remove and add watermarks in your photos and videos. This process consists of three steps which will remove the unnecessary things from the image. You can also remove multiple watermarks at a time.

Step-1: Open Apwoersoft Watermark Remover and then upload your desired image in that application.

Step-2: There will a box provided move with that box to the watermark and if you want to remove some more watermarks then click on “Add Box(es)” button and move them to the objects you want to remove. After selecting all the unnecessary objects, Select the “Erase” option/button.

Step-3: Then, wait for some seconds you will have a download button click on it will save the photo to your computer. You don’t need to worry; the original image will be deleted from the service permanently.

3) Pixlr

This editor you can use any format such as PXD, JPEG, PNG, PSD, and many more. For photo editing, the AI design tool will help you. With one click, you can remove the watermark entirely. This photo editor you can use anywhere from your mobile or computer.

Step-1: First up all you can open Pixlr online photo editor.

Step-2: For uploading your photo, click on the “Open Image” button. URL will also support to upload your photo.

Step-3: Then you have to click on the “Retouch -> Clone Stamp” toolbar to get rid of the watermark.

Step-4: Select the watermark area and drag the mouse to the size of the marker for vanishing the watermark.

Step-5: If you want to save the image on your device, then select the save option. You can even change the quality and size of the image. When you are done with all the editing, then, click on the “Download” button.

These three are free editing online tools that will help you to remove the watermark from your photo. There is also a free form selection image editing software available known as the lasso tool.


Watermark is essential to know the owner’s information and details and some watermarks include date stamps. There are online and offline tools for removing watermarks from your photo and video. Here are only online tools that are easy for you. Offline, Photoshop and Fotophire Editing Toolkit are easy to use.

We hope you like our recommended watermark remover, which is very easy to handle. These watermarks have few steps by clicking on upload image -> drag the mouse on watermark -> click on download image, these are the simple and easy steps that can use by anyone.

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