Little Secrets About How To Win On DealDash

Little Secrets About How To Win On DealDash

Things You Learned That’ll Help You With How To Win On DealDash.

DealDash is the largest bidding fee auction or penny auction site that was initially started in 2009. . The website is the most exciting and straightforward for business models. The process occurs in penny auction- buy the items you pay to bid from them, and the site owner posts items. When you place things, you are required to pay money for each bid.

A bid is an essential auction on DealDash. Moreover, the bid is also non-refundable (but your first bid is fully refundable), which makes you eligible to take part in an auction, and if you used a bid for a product, you can’t use that bid again for another product. Depending upon the discounts and offers, a bit is offered at a cost ranging from $0.60. Standard auction starts biding with the price of $0.00, which may vary according to the items.

An auction restarted the clock from every 10-30 seconds when you placed a bid; it depends on the auction. If no new bid is placed, the highest and last bidder will win an auction price. Identically, Millions of people look for bargain prices of items- luggage, jewelry, home appliances, art, etc.

How to get free bids

Make yourself clear that there is no way to get free bids without putting first in for your bid pack and your credit card. If you purchase your first bid pack, you will get 100’s of free bids to use just by click on “Our promotional DealDash link.”

Don’t buy the number of bids on the first try.

The strategy of winning DealDash:

Of course, most people think the online auction is a scam, but auctions on DealDash are not scams; you need a good idea and bidding strategy to help you win DealDash.

1) Many bidders win an auction in their first or second attempts because they start bidding for low products. So, for the first time, always use a bid at a low price.

2) You can buy one bid for the first time, don’t go for several bids. Otherwise, it will low your expectations.

3) Real DealDash customers watch everything clearly before they play. Smart people always track everything. So, write all you’re in a notebook or journal.

4) Note down probabilities, trends, and bidders how don’t stop bidding until they win the auction.

5) Always be patient. You sometimes win, somedays you may lose, but successful bidders work hard for winning. You will win an auction on a better day.

6) Keep your competitors closer.

7) Use BigBuddy to win the auction. It is a great tool that DealDash gives, i.e., free of charge to all bidders. If you want a chance to add and change your bid, BigBuddy gives you that chance.

8) Daily, give some time to DealDash by bidding or watching the auction for better performance. You need to know when to stop and when to start bidding.

9) If you are not winning, don’t waste time; try something else.

10) Buy the items at small coins using stop bidding at any time and get all your bids back, just by clicking “BIN” or “Buy It Now.”

11) Get updates from the Facebook page for offers, promotions, and to know gift cards.


DealDash is used by millions of people and work on many auctions every day. DealDash is a very interesting, enjoyable, and easy to use, and it is the best penny auction site. Buy bids are essential in DealDash for buying items; when you use them for the first time, you will get bids back, but after that, they are non-refundable. You can purchase items like- luggage, jewelry, home appliances, art, etc.

Stay up-to-day while Facebook and giving daily time to DealDash. In DealDash, you can easily win at low priced items and hard to win high priced items. You have to pay money if you win or not. There are many strategies as given above, but hard work and tracking are the best way to win any auction in DealDash. Always be patient while bidding on an auction.


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