How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos on PC / Mobile

How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos on PC / Mobile

Sometimes you need to download a single photo from the Instagram profile of a public profile. At this time you can take a screenshot and use it whenever required. But when you need to download multiple Instagram photos taking a screenshot of individual photos is quite hectic. Of course, you can easily download all the photos by following some simple steps.

To download multiple Instagram photos you can choose the online tool called “Instagram photo downloader”. Using this online platform you can download photos and save it in android, iPad, or PC. Moreover, you are one click away to download and slideshow all the pictures of a public profile.

Definition of Instagram Photo Downloader

With this online tool, you can download multiple Instagram photos of the public category. This platform is free of cost. This application will download the photos for you in great quality. If you want to download multiple photos on your phone then this third party application is going to help you a lot. The steps to use this tool in different platforms are as follows.

Steps to download Instagram Photo on your PC

Step 1.1- Firstly, you can open any of the Instagram photo or video downloader tool.

Tool 1, Tool 2, Tool 3, Tool 4, etc.

Instagram best photo and video download web page

Step-1.2: Then you need to copy the Instagram profile link or the photo link or the page link as well to download multiple Instagram photos.

Instagram copy the profile image link

Step-1.3: Then paste the copied URL on the search bar of the online tool. (some of the tools do not accept the profile link to fetch the photos).\

Paste the Instagram copied URL

Step-1.4: Scroll down till you reach the Photos tab.

Step-1.5: Click on the photos that are required for download.

Multiple Insta Photos with download button

Step-1.6: Then you can also choose the quality in which you want to download photos.

2.Steps to download multiple Instagram photos on the phone

Step-2.1: Open the Instagram photos downloader link in the browser of your phone.

Use this link to download anything online- CLICK HERE or go with the previous links.

Step-2.2: Then Copy the URL of the image from the account where you need photos and paste it in the online tool.

COPY the instagram url link

Step-2.3:  You need to find the photos tab.

Step-2.4: Choose the photos you need to download.

Step-2.5: You can also select the required resolution of the photos and click download.

Online Video Download Photos and Videos with Selected Resolutions

Step-2.6: Now wait for few seconds and the option of saving the photos to your phone will pop up.

These steps help you to download a series of photos from a particular account and getting them saved on your phone. Using this photo downloader tool is one of the easiest ways for saving multiple photos on your phone. I hope that these steps help you to get the needful.

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