How To Start Learning VA For Amazon {Complete Guide}

How To Start Learning VA For Amazon {Complete Guide}

Amazon VA has slightly different responsibilities than other VA. Here is the list of skills required and how you can learn these skills for working on amazon. This will serve you as an ultimate guide to becoming a VA on amazon.

Here Is A Complete Guide On How To Start Learning Virtual Assistant (VA) For Amazon

Complete Guide On How To Start Learning Virtual Assistant (VA) For Amazon

Due to the corona, the last few years were golden for all the freelancers. Many people resigned from their regular office jobs and started working as freelancers. The freelance business has many benefits. They work on their conditions. And hence people choose this. One of the most common and best-paying jobs for freelancers is a virtual assistant.

It is a work-from-home job and you can also do this as a full-time job. The salary of a virtual assistant is very high. Many big companies are hiring virtual assistants, usually, they go for freelancers. Because of all the work experience. One such big company is amazon. Amazon business hires thousands of VA worldwide. Here is the ultimate guide for how to start learning VA for amazon.

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistant Definition

A VA is someone who started working for a particular company based on a contract. VA is self-employed hence they mostly work from home and they have their own logging devices and all. They assist their manager. For example, if a VA is working for an account manager then his duties will include scheduling meetings and appointments for him. VA also has to update the database for this client. Va only works for a certain period. Hence usually a contract for 3 to 4 months is made between the client and the VA. However, it depends upon both the parties to further renew the contract or not.

VA is a private labelled job and they do not have any access to the company’s database because they work from home.

Amazon virtual assistant salary

Amazon virtual assistant salary

Amazon sellers that hire a VA for themselves and their online business give a handsome amount of salary. The work here is regular. The salary however also depends upon your contract. On average, the salary of a VA on amazon is $300. Some freelancers take weekly payments while some take months. So the salary may vary depending on your priority.

However, If amazon takes extra work from you like calling the sellers and all then eventually your salary will be higher. So the salary of VA in amazon highly depends upon the work that has been assigned to them.

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Requirements for amazon VA

Requirements for Amazon VA

There are a few requirements before applying as a VA on amazon. Make sure that you have all these otherwise, your application will be rejected. Honestly, these requirements are pretty basic. Not only for amazon but as a VA you should have mastered these.

1) Communication skills-

Amazon hires a VA after an interview. They test your communication skills there. Because the main work of VA is always related to talking. You have to talk with various clients from seeing the appointments and all. So I need to be very good at this.

2) Computer skills-

Again this is a very basic skill that you will need. You should know the working of WordPress and excel. Because all the spreadsheets and appointment letters are made on these two. Also, you should be aware of how to handle the email. You may have to reply to emails on behalf of your client.

3) Multitasking-

This is a very important requirement of being a VA. It is not like you have to provide a certain work and you will repeat that daily. So be prepared for all the new tasks. And remember not every day will be the same.

4) Time management-

It is very important for VA to manage its time. Because once you will able to manage your time only then you will be able to manage your client. You have to learn how to coordinate your time. Since you will work from home, it is always hard to manage time at home.

How to learn VA skills for amazon?

How To Learn VA Skills For Amazon

First of all, you will need a degree to become a VA. The second thing that you will do is to gain experience. Like how a VA works in real life. The common question for everyone is how to start learning VA for amazon. You can learn these things via certificate programs. These programs are organized everywhere. They will teach you how you can do your best as a VA. You will receive a certificate after completing that program. This certificate will help you in getting an amazon VA job easily.

Last but not least, join VA organizations. These organizations work globally. They will teach you how to be professional. And how you can manage your time and clients. You may want to work for more than one client at a time. So these organizations will help you learn these kinds of skills.

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Common work for virtual assistants (VA) on amazon

Common work for virtual assistants (VA) on amazon

Every company has its requirements. Since Amazon is an online business company then the work that they will provide is mostly related to sales and all. Here is the list of some common works that are given to the VA on amazon.

1) You will source products around the globe. Amazon FBA works in three types. You will learn about these. These will help you in the future also.

2) Product listing is among the main work here. Most work that you will see is available in the product listing and editing area.

3) Digital marketing is the main motto of amazon. Hence it is important to know how you do product hunting. You will learn about this more once you will do this once or twice.

4) Not only customers but amazon sellers also need customer service support sometimes. Yeah, understand the policy of a certain time. Hence amazon seller central mart also needs some VA.

All these are the list of common work that is given to the VA on amazon. However, the work you will receive also depends on your experience and your qualification.


It is easy to become a VA on amazon. Amazon provides a good salary to their bid. However, the work in amazon is a little different from the tropical VA job. So you may need to learn some new skills for this. But these are all work that is related to marketing or customer service. So you will be able to do them once you read the job manually.

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