How to View Instagram Stories Without an Account

How to View Instagram Stories Without an Account

Of course, viewing Instagram stories is always interesting. but if a person wants to see the stories on Instagram without having an account on it then it becomes a little bit difficult. New updates on Instagram have fully banned the person from seeing the stories without having an account. Whenever you will try to see the stories Instagram will direct you to the login page. But some alternative methods are applicable now also. Before the update, it was possible to view the different background stories just by searching them on google. But now Instagram has blocked all these facilities.

Here is the way to View public Instagram profiles without an account

Now when Instagram has blocked all the alternative ways to enter and view the public profiles without having an account you can take the help of a third party to enter the stories. Many third-party services can be used to see public profiles without an account. There is a very well-known website lmglnn it is used to see public profiles. Many steps involved in it…

Step-1– First of all, On your android or mac, open the web browser and go to the website login.

Step-2– Now after the opening of the website it’s time to enter the name of the profile. Or hashtag which you want to see.

Step-3– after entering the name of the profile on the next page you will be able to see all the profiles related to your search. You will also be able to see different hashtags on the search.

Step-4:- After the appearance of the different profiles, you can click and view all the contents of that profile. In this profile, you can see all the stories published by the user.

You will also get the option to download all the videos and photos of that Instagram profile just by clicking on it.

Many other third-party websites will enable you to see the profiles on Instagram without logging in.

One more very famous website is Storiesig. On this website, you have to just put the name of the profile which you want to search and it will show you all the names related to your search.

If you want to see the stories on the Instagram profile which is private then it is also possible. Some security breach in the Instagram also allows users to see the stories which are related to the private accounts.

Basic knowledge of the programming related to the HTML will allow the user to see the private accounts also without logging in.


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