How To Share a Private YouTube Video {Help Guide}

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Of course, You can able to browse all public youtube videos and watching without getting into any trouble on the internet. But, Do you hear about private youtube videos? Unlike public videos, sometimes you can’t able to direct access to private YT videos.

There are three stages of YouTube videos…

  1. Private
  2. Unlisted
  3. Public

You can’t see unlisted videos because those videos are hidden. In the same manner, people can watch by video URL. But if it is set into private then no one can access it through URL also.

First of all, before learning how to share a private YouTube video, let see what’s the meaning of private and public videos is.

At the time of uploading a video, you got some options to choose from.

image of showing private ,public and unlisted

  • The First option is Private.
  • The second option is Unlisted.
  • The third option is Public.

When you select the private option then no one can get access to the video. And you don’t get any notification regarding your video when you uploaded it.

All You Need To Know About How to share a Private YouTube Video?

To share these types of private YouTube videos you have to follow some steps:


First of all, you can open YouTube on your web browser.

Open in chrome browser


Then, Click on the image on the top right of your computer screen.

youtube chrome image


After choosing the image from the top right of your computer screen choose the option YouTube studio.

YouTube studio


As soon as you select the Youtube Studio, the page will go to the dashboard.

YouTube studio dashboard


You have to choose the Contents option. And then you will get all the videos listed. Here, you can see all the public and private listed videos.

Contents image


After that, you can click on private and again you will get some options.

Save or publish

  • The first option you get is Private.
  • The second option you get is Unlisted.
  • The third option you get is Public.

private public unlisted


If it is selected in private then you got the options.


share privately



And then a pop-up box will appear. In the pop-up box write the E-mail of the persons with whom you want to share your private video and click on Done.

Pop-up dialogue box


The private YouTube video is shared with those people whose E-mail you entered on the popup box.


When you open the Email address you will see that you received a mail.


When the person clicks on the YouTube image, whom you send the link redirected to YouTube private video.

YouTube image

NOTE:- To watch the YouTube private video you need to log into the account in which you got the e-mail.

FAQs of share private YouTube video

  1. Can we watch the private video with any E-mail ID?

Ans:- No, To watch the video you have to log in to the email id in which you received the email.

Otherwise, you will get the “Video Unavailable” result as per the below image.

Private video

2) What are the Advantages of YouTube Private Video?

Ans:- YouTube is the place to share content with the world in phrases of video. However, the advantages are:

  1. Saving Internal Storage.
  2. Sharing movies among household members.
  3. Storing Business Details.
  4. Of course, Many Photographers and videographers used it as a portfolio. They prefer uploading them to private to give an idea about their work to clients.
  5. You can also use it as your own private video library.

3) Is that possible to share private videos on mobile?

Ans:- Yes, By opening YouTube on your chrome browser and then you can select a desktop site. And then you can follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to share private YouTube videos.

4) Does anyone have access to my private video?

Ans:- No, It is because of the YouTube Privacy settings.

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