How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge & How to Increase it

How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge & How to Increase it

Hinge is a popular dating app, that runs on a similar algorithm of liking and disliking profiles, and ultimately chooses your dating partner.

But there is a small difference between Hinge and other dating profile apps, Hinge only gives 8 likes per day, while other apps give unlimited likes.

However, this is essential as you will think when liking someone on Hinge, unlike other apps. Although users may wonder How Many Likes Do Others Get on Hinge.

Let us figure this out in this post, by hinge’s algorithm and how can we increase likes on Hinge.

To Learn How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge?

Hinge has broadly two plans for their users, one is Free Plan and the second one is Premium Plan.

How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge – 

Free Plans User

They get 8 likes per day, which will automatically renew at 4.00 Am according to your Time Zone.

Premium Plan User

They get an unlimited number of likes, without any restrictions, although you have to pay for the feature.

How Many Likes Do Guys Get on Hinge?

If you are wondering why your likes are reducing or you haven’t gotten enough likes.

Then, Don’t worry that’s how Hinge’s algorithms work. A Hinge new user will get more likes than the old user, as Hinge wants to engage the new user on their platform.

Typically, many Reddit users report that they get 1-3 likes per week.

How Many Likes Do Girls Get on Hinge?

Female generally gets more likes than male, however, the algorithm will affect female also.

If you are a new user you will get a good number of likes, if you are an old member then your number of likes will reduce. That’s how their algorithm works.

Reddit Users report that Girls generally get around more than 10 likes a week.

Fun Fact – Hinge has got a Noble Prize for their algorithm…

Is Getting Likes on Hinge Easier than Bumble and Tinder?

As Hinge has a limited number of likes, getting likes on Hinge is much harder than on Bumble or Tinder.

Although getting more likes shouldn’t be your target, a good relationship should be. In that context, Hinge is a platform designed for long-term relationships like eHarmony.

Yet if you are more concerned with likes, there are other platforms that are designed like that, you should register there.

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How Hinge’s Like Algorithms Work?


Hinge's Like Algorithms
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Hinge works on Gale Shapley Proposal Algorithm, which simply means the algorithm will show your profile to those people who match the same interest.

The data you gave to Hinge, like your preferences. The Algorithm collects that data, and find similar interest in people.

When you newly joined Hinge, your reach is high, so you get more likes, once you have spent 1 – 2 Months, your reach gets low, and as your likes.

The more attractive your profile, and the more accurate data you provide to Hinge, your reach will increase.

Generally, people will have similar interests like you, so designed that profile according to that.

Why You Don’t Get Enough Likes on Hinge?

So now if you have superficially understood Hinge’s Algorithm then the reason is clear.

That your profile doesn’t look attractive or you have given the wrong preferences. But even though creating an attractive profile from the beginning, can increase your likes.

Maybe creating an attractive profile is boring, but once you have created it, then it can help you to get a good amount of likes.

Tips on How to Increase Likes

Once you have understood the Algorithm, you will know how Hinge increases the reach of its user.

Your profile will be shown to people who have mutual interests. How the platform will find your Interest, by the preferences you have given, and by how you engage with the platform.

The Algorithm will show your profile to people, who share interests with you. Now, it’s on you to use that reach to get more likes, by making your profile look attractive.

Here are Tips for You to Increase Likes – 

  • Get a Best Profile Picture, avoid pictures with friends or selfies, and click some adventurous photos that show your spirit.
  • Write Sweet and Short Profile Bio.
  • Use Hinge Prompts.
  • Be Honest about your Personality.
  • Create an Authentic Profile

Share How many likes you get on Hinge in the Comments, thanks for reading…

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