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A* Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence

A* Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence is a very important topic. The AI industry is very high in demand, but this technology is relatively new. The uses and destruction of the technology are not yet been specified. Whatever information that we behold is either coming from gossips or Hollywood movies. But to really understand the topic we need to abstract the term AI and get in-depth knowledge about specific topics. In that effort, Let’s explore a very popular topic in this field. If you really want to understand the topic thoroughly, I would suggest to sharp up your mathematics skills. Because the whole of AI depends on the math and logical reasoning aspect.

A* Algorithm Overview in AI

What is A* Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence?

Intelligence is the most important aspect of human, It divides us from animals and other micro-species. And our intelligence is derived from our brain. Our brain is able to take viable and conscious decisions, Because of the data that we receive through our neurons. Those neurons receive signals from our senses. This whole process, Makes us human. But!—The same works for any other animals. Dogs and cats also feel a sense, When they smell-eat-sneeze. How only humans utilize those senses in a way, That made them conqueror of nature. The whole mystery is lying behind the secret called Memory.

Machines are dumb! They can’t do anything on their own. We need to hard code or in simple words give instruction for even most simple things. Like starting a machine or doing simple arithmetic calculations. But this has changed—because now we have taught our secret of Memory to machines. Now even if they don’t know how to play chess. They can watch a game on you tube. And learn on their own. Yes, I have a bit exaggerated on the you tube part. But they really are able to behold memory or data that they are using to make decisions more precise than humans. It is very common for a newly made algorithm to pick better stocks than a stockbroker who is working for the last 20 years. The ability to use data to make a decision is what I can summarize for A* Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence.

What is the Heuristic Method?

Heuristic Method is an important term in the A* algorithm. The methods suggest that while finding a solution to a problem. We are not always supposed to be perfect. The topic is similar to mathematical concepts like round-off. The method finds it’s the root in ancient Greece. And have very much relevance today. The term was popularized gain in modern problem-solving in the year 1945. In the same period when Hungarian mathematics published his book about tackling the problem with principles.

What does the method say?

1) Before you solve the problem understand it.

2) Solve it with a plan and have a structure.

3) Solve in accordingly to the plan.

4) Make checks and balances and change strategies accordingly.

How to solve a problem with A* Algorithm

Before we dive into and learn some amazing skills, I would like you to quickly grasp a note and write down these points.

1) Transition – It is nothing but changing position in technical terms changing states from one to another.

2) Node – It is nothing but like a station, Where one could stop and it also has a unique identification.

3) Starting Node – As the name suggests, From here the process start of changing states.

4) Goal Node – Again a simple terminology, It is the node where you want your algorithm to end.

5) Search Space – It is the total of all nodes and spaces that are in the process of the algorithm.

6) Cost – It is a specifier that suggests the algorithm to take steps, Like time, data evaluation, etc.

A formula to remember –  f(n)=g(n)+h(n)

Let’s create a simple class and then use python for solving it.

1) Create a class –  With all the information for a particular program. This may include data, API, instructions. Whatever it may be. Make a class and specific it using the cost (g)

2) Goal Node – Now that we know what we will create, Let’s decide, how it will end. We need to choose the end node of the A* algorithm. Now that we know our goal we will specify the path function and make use of code logic.

3) Find the pattern – Now that we have created a program, We need to make sure it just doesn’t run infinitely. You can use a simple if-else statement to stop the program. In case, Your program is too large use functions and arrays.

4) Run program – After defining every aspect according to the Heuristic method, Now we need to run the program. And let it check for the search function in the program. voila, that’s how you create your first A* algorithm in artificial intelligence.

A* Algorithm in Action With Python

In the below image, We have created a simple A* algorithm that can be molded and be reused for many different functions. I would encourage you to use the program and change it according to your specific problem.

A* Algorithm in Action with Python Code

Download the pdf version – https://gofile.io/?c=gXMff1

Application of A* Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence

A* algorithm can be used in many places. Innovators look for new places to use this technology. But if you want to drive inspiration for its application. Here is the list where it is used the most in 2020.

Search Engine

Google uses the algorithm to show relevant information to its users. It fetches the whole internet and targets only quality content that could be rank on the search page.


Google Maps are a great example of utilizing it in an efficient way. Have you ever look at the maps and get an idea about the traffic situation, And took google advice for changing your route to a much faster road. This is possible only because of the A* algorithm.

Medical Industry

Predicting life-threatening disease before it occurs can also be a great use of this technology. It will monitor your pulses for days, And in case of any changes, it will directly send a report to your doctor.

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