Technology and its impacts on human lives

artificial intelligence

You working late? Let the robot do your work.

Well Google brought you here, AI did its job, now its your turn.

Technology have been upgrading the living standards and the ways how we function on a daily basis. With time, it is not only a part of our routine chores but also is ready to build work environments into spaces where less and a smaller number of humans exist.

Humans have been categorically the smartest of all evolved beings, but one invention is it all takes to uproot old functioning. Technology especially artificial intelligence has been a controversial topic of the year 2019, and it seems so it’s going to continue its magic through next year as well.

Technology and human evolution grow together, where both needs each other to grow and prosper, but one mistake to build excess and it breaks the balance created throughout years between human and technology which would create a havoc in the civilization.

Is it that the grand endings shown in commercial movies and plays made on the topic showcases would be true? Is it possible that the world humans created through years of hard work will collide in the hands of AI? Some questions are unanswered, which we need answers to as soon as possible. Artificial intelligence in layman’s language is called technology with its own mind, just like humans but without emotions, yes, it’s dangerous!

Artificial intelligence: history

Artificial intelligence was invented first in the year of 1952 and it took almost till 1956 to properly call it an invention which was done by Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon, and was called “Logic Theorist”, it was successful to prove 38 out of 52 mathematics theorems and many other theorems.

The magic built by these two guys in the year of 1952-1956 who knew would be a standard for worldly formations of technological upgrade. Robots, talking machines all in all artificial intelligence have been a dream for many of our scientists and technology enthusiasts, thus has been a topic for due importance and significance.

The artificial intelligence tree grows through a deep route far into history, since the year 1943, where Warren McCulloch and Walter Pits proposed a model for artificial neurons, with the very beginning our scientists were positive on how the world of technology and the common way of us doing things will be changed forever through Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence: an alternative for human employees?

Lately humans have been engaging with artificial intelligence more than ever, companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon have been designing and creating great devices of great built and comfort for the future generations.

Humans have been known for the push they create, the push which has led to great inventions in the past, but is it worth it? Could it be that a great future for AI is a threat for the human race ultimately? Humans have been enthusiastic but of a lazy built, we love a good luxury and that is exactly what is prepared and delivered through artificial intelligence, through a layman chore of kitchen work to a tool of great significance in scientific research, everywhere we could see has been touched and conquered by technology and AI.

AI has been inculcated in industries of car building, manufacturing, technology and as per the growth goes maybe someday humans won’t be needed for cashiers as well, could we control the growth? Maybe yes, but it isn’t important whether we would be able to control the growth, it seems we are being blindsided by the bigger industries into designing these AI creations which wouldn’t only take up human space but also the way we survive.

Artificial intelligence: the news of the year!

Artificial Intelligence industry has been on a boom since last 5 years, with so much done in very less time, the number of investments in the field have been tripled overnight as it seems promising and the true path to growth for the science and technology.

Not only through the fields of science and computers but artificial intelligence has been changing lives in many different field of works, be it driverless cars, sophisticated robots and in general have been constant competition for humans as employees.

Apple iPhone are to be called the latest yet the smallest size of AI that is generally incorporated in millions of lives with a serious threat for human beings. Famous Marvel comics movie series of Avengers focuses on the built of AI, and how it could be a designated risk to the entire human creation, where there was enlightened a negative viewpoint for AI through its villain called “Ultron”, the positive array of AI has been played by the famous Iron Man designed JARVIS, which didn’t only was a significant part of all iron man series and marvel comics but also has been showing to the entire world what a good design for AI could do for the human kind.

Whereas the famous Bollywood industry has not been far behind to incorporate the topics of AI and threats of it to human kind into an environment point of interest, movies like ROBOT, ROBOT 2.O, RA-ONE and many others shows the negative impacts also how it consists the power to control the human kind and rule over it to its very end.

Artificial intelligence: more of robots, less of humans.

AI where isn’t needed to be paid, facilitated with working environments, or with any fatigue breaks are required, this talks ample number of hours and cost saved for the manufacturers, which makes it a sweet deal to replace humans over by machines.

Is it that humans are not the only smart being on the planet ?As much like the humans, it specifically is seen that AI and its technology has two sides of contribution, where one side focuses on the negative aspects of humans being replaced throughout the other side could be proven to be of great advantage for human kind.

The famous saying “more of anything is wrong” is what exactly suits up for the AI condition in the contribution, where its limited contribution and design could do a lot better, the excess could do dangerous amount of harm to the planet and the human civilization.


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