How Many Likes Does Tinder Provide in a Day?

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Dating platforms have grown a lot. With something that just sounded fun but unrealistic, you can actually find people and date them with the help of such apps. When it comes to Tinder, you have a limit to Like people. Why does Tinder have a limit over its Like policy? How many likes does Tinder provide in a Day to a customer? Is there any way to increase that like count? Here you will find the answers to all of your questions.

A few years back, dating with the help of an app was so fun to think about. But again it was kind of awkward at the same time to think. At that time, it basically seemed unrealistic. There was an idea that you will judge many people and finally will find a match. The judgment will merely be based on the pics and the bio on the account. Judging everyone by just looking at their pic is not something many people will prefer.

These platforms basically were like catalogues for the people who want to date. See a person, swipe right, if he or she is available and likes you back, you have a match. This was basically the idea. Later on, Tinder and other dating apps evolved and many things still are the same to date.

In all of this, do you know that Tinder provides a limit on likes every day? How many likes does Tinder provide in a day?

Why Does Tinder have a limit on the number of likes?

Well if you are a daily user of Tinder, you may have come across the upgrade button. It basically asks to upgrade your package if you are a free user. You can upgrade it to premium packages to get more likes. Tinder likes to call this Tinder Gold or Tinder +.

Tinder’s free version has a limit on the number of likes because this is how they will earn. Tinder earns through the premium subscription bought by its users. Tinder’s fundamental business model is that. The only way you give any money to Tinder is by buying more likes or upgrading your package. Does the question again arise that how many likes does Tinder provide in a day?

So how many likes does Tinder provide in a day?

The number of likes that Tinder provides in a day is a little low. When the dating app Tinder came into the market, it had a good number of likes. It gave users around 120 likes a day. Once you deplete those 120 likes, you can buy more likes. Later on, this number came down to 80. And after exhausting these 80 likes, you can purchase 3 packages. These are monthly, quarterly and biannual. But later on, this number again came down to 50. At this number, there was an introduction of Super likes.

Meanwhile, because 50 was a lot less, Tinder is revising the duration to 12 hours. Now every 12 hours, you will get 50 likes. Once you exhaust your 50 likes, wait for 12 hours for the next set of 50 likes. This has made the life of free users or non-premium users a bit easier.

Is there any way to increase the number of Likes that Tinder provides?

Yes, you can increase the number of likes that Tinder provides in a day. You can move to a premium package to do so. The premium is comparatively cheap to the other dating apps. So that should not be a problem. The premium packs easily provide you with 5 times the normal number of likes. This means around 250 likes in 12 hours. The unlimited number of likes is again a marketing scheme. Tinder cannot provide you with that.

Dating apps are going great in the current world at present time. They are working to connect people and understand each other. It has made a lot of lives easier when it comes to young adults. Matches are found, interests are matched even before a meeting. And this all happens right under your fingertips with no hassles. Though judging someone on merely the basis of pictures is not something everyone likes. But the chat window has opened up gates for those people as well to get to know each other. The world is coming closer and becoming happier.

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