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Facebook as a platform has grown from just another website. To become a part of our digital self. And all your friends, the family that connects to you via this website. It can be horrifying if your website has been hacked. For this reason, In this article, I’ll share with you how to report a Facebook hack. Do not panic if something has happened to your account, Just note the date and time. That you believe your account was hacked on. This is a very important step as if somebody would do something mischievous or illegal with your account. You would have a certain account belief that It was not done during your access to the account.

There are billions of people that use this platform probably daily. When a platform is used across the entire planet. That’s a sign that it’s popular.  There would be events in which some people might lose access to their Facebook account due to a hack. In any case, Facebook has a robust support team that can help you with and you can resolve your issues if you follow this article properly. Most people that hack your account are either known, people or scammers. There are a number of reasons behind the motive of hacking your account.

To Learn the detailed details of how to report a Facebook hack

Step-1: Firstly, you can visit the website. And then it will ask you for the reason for your using this feature. Then, you can choose one and you can click the continue here. facebook site web page screen

Step-2: Now, it will take you to a new page. Here you have to enter your number or email. And then it will look for the account associated with the same.

Facebook find your account page

Step-3: Now it will take you to a new page. Here you have to enter the appropriate password for your Facebook account. If the hacker was change your password, Enter the one that you had before the hacker change the password.

Facebook change password screen

Step-4: After that, Facebook will take you to their account settings, And would check for all the recent actions from your account.

Step-5: After completing this, It will give you the option to set a new password. In addition, you should review your corresponding Facebook account-associated email address here.

Step-6: Click on the continue button. And follow the on-screen details about your account. The instructions are different for users and would vary. Make sure you follow exactly how the wizard says to you.

Look if the hacker can change the appropriate email that connects with your Facebook account. You then had to recover the email first in order to regain access to your account. This means that you would get an email from Facebook to your old email that the hacker has changed. If you skim through your emails you would probably see an email that would suggest that your email has been updated. And if that wasn’t done by you. You can use the unique link attached to the email to revert back the access of the email to yourself. I would suggest you do this first, Before following the above steps.

How To Report a Facebook Hack If Somebody Is Impersonating You

If you feel like somebody has created an account using your name and photo and that they are trying to impersonate you. Then follow the below steps to report them and remove their account.

Step1: First of all, you can visit the profile page of the person that you think is trying to impersonate you. If you don’t see them in the search bar, It could be because they have blocked you. So that you can’t find out about the profile. If that is the case, Take help from your friends or family. And then search for the profile.

Facebook profile page

Step-2: Click on the three-dotted button on the profile. And then click Find Support or Report Profile.

Facebook find support or report profile option screen

Step-3: Now click on the first option, Pretending to Be Someone. Then click either Me, If you are reporting from your account. Or A friend if you are using somebody else account.

Facebook report reason dialog screen

Facebook report pretending to be someone screen

Step-4: Now it will ask you which friend you are. Search your friend’s account and click send.

Step-5: Now Facebook will evaluate and then would delete that account.

How you can fall into the hack trap?

For scammers, it could be to extract details about your personal messages and then blackmail you for money. Or to send messages from your account to your friends and family asking for money in an emergency situation. In a good number of cases, We have also seen that known people like your friends also use hacking techniques to gain access to your account to do pranks or try to take revenge for something.

There could also be the possibility where you unintentionally give your own password to the hacker. This is called phishing. For i.e: You wake in the morning and receive an email that says ‘You have won an iPhone 13″. Looking at the email you don’t see anything suspicious as everything looks normal. Like the logo of Facebook, the interface, nothing that can raise an eyebrow. But the issue is hackers have become so experts in creating replicas of Facebook emails. That it would be very impossible to identify if this email came from Facebook or a hacker from Nigeria.

Now that you saw that iPhone 13 email and you think you have won. And then you click on the link. What it will do is it will take you to a website that looks very identical to Facebook and would ask you to enter your Facebook credential. And once you enter them the site automatically closes and you think you would receive confirmation for your winning later. But in reality, the hacker now has your email and password. And as most people use the same password across different websites. You can possibly be hacked not just by email. But also on other accounts like Google, Instagram, etc.

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