How To Play WEM Files On Yuzu?

How To Play WEM Files On Yuzu

Here is the only method to play the wem files in yuzu. You can use this method to play the files on both android and mac. There is a little different when it comes to the Android process but the whole process is mentioned below.

How To Play WEM Files On Yuzu?

If you want to play wem files on yuzu then you are at the right place. Here are all the methods that you can use to play the wem files on yuzu. You will be able to play WEM files using an Android device as well. But for that, you must do some downloading and installing some apps. We will discuss every aspect of this situation here. So make sure you give it a good read without skipping any content.

What is a WEM file?

A wem file is also known as an audio file. This file contains all the information regarding the audio that you will listen to in your game. The audion can be anything from your avatar voice to any simple sound effect. If you do not run this file along with the game then you will not listen to any sound. So you have to play wem files to listen to sound in your game. Most of the games have this file pre-installed but some of the games want you to download the file from an external source. So, sometimes you have to install this file on your own.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a program that was developed by the Citra team. It acts as an open-source emulator. It was created in 2018 after the launch of the Nintendo games. Now with the help of this emulator, you can play these games anywhere. You can use yuzu to play games on your pc, mac, or android system. So you can use it anywhere. Yuzu makes it easy to pay for the Nintendo Switch games on any screen. Hence, yuzu became very popular right after it was launched in the market.

Steps to play wem files on yuzu

Installing yuzu in your system is the first step of this process. Make sure that you install yuzu from valid sources only because all the external links may harm your system. You can even use a mac computer to install the yuzu. After installing yuzu now download your desired wem file. The next few steps are straightforward. After installing yuzu in your system you will see an option for open files in it. As soon as you click on that. Of course, All the files in your system will show there. So you just need to select the desired files and click open.

Now that file will open in the yuzu and when you start playing the game the wem file will play with the game automatically. And you will be able to experience all the sound effects in your game. This is the general and the only method to open wem files in yuzu.

Is yuzu safe?

Many people ask this question about yuzu. Some people do not trust yuzu because of the downloading process. If you want to use yuzu then you have to download it from an external source. So people do not believe that it is a safe platform. But it is a safe and the most popular platform to play your desired games. So you can download it and use it to play all the games on your pc and mac. Just remember that the site you use to download yuzu should be legal. Otherwise, your system will face many problems.

How to play wem files in yuzu on android?

The process to play wem files in android is a little different than in any other system. You will need to download an extra wem player. With the help of that wem file player, you will be able to play those wem files. The best app to play wem files on android is VLC. you can easily find VLC on the play store app. And it is the safest of all. Also, you can download VLC on both your computer and your mobile phone. So try to install a VLC player in your android system before using wem files. And also you have to download yuzu because, in the end, you will be paying for the wem files in yuzu. VLC just helps those files to open.


In conclusion, yuzu allows you to play all types of Nintendo games. But you will need wem files to play the Nintendo games. So you have to download those files alone. After downloading there is a certain process to play those files on yuzu. Here is the process that you can use to play the wem files in yuzu and this is the only process to do this. Also if you want to play wem files on android then the process is a little different. You have to download an extra app to use that file. The name of that app and the whole process is mentioned above. Make sure that you follow all the steps properly without skipping any step.

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