Best 8 games to play over video chat

Best 8 games to play over video chat

If you are isolated at your home and want to interact with your friends. We have prepared a list of games to play over video chat. Video calls are an excellent method to communicate in real-time, And you just don’t have to limit yourself to conversations. You can play games and enjoy yourself with your friends. Platforms like Zoom offers free video call service to its user.

These games that I’ll share with you are easily be played virtually through video chats. And I’m sure you’ll love all the games on the list. You can use any video conferencing software for playing these games, But I would recommend Zoom, As it is free and allows you to share screen. Though Zoom only allows you to take 40 minutes video call for the free version, You can disconnect a call, And reconnect to continue for a long period. And if both the users have an Apple product you can use facetime for free. Whatsapp video call also works great.

Top 8 games to able to play over video chat

1) Chess

Of course, chess is one of the most popular and ancient games in the world. First started in India, It made its way through the world via the silk road. Today there are millions of people that love and cherish the game across the globe. You can play chess online on this website for free.

How to play

Firstly, chess is played between two individuals. It is a strategy based game, Played on a 64 square checkboard. The person has to make a checkmate first to win the game. All the Chess pieces are divided into two, One side takes the black and the other white. And they dominate each other until the fall of the king. Chess is one of the most played online games.

2) Charades

Charades has been the ultimate game on Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is one of the most popular games and known by different names across the globe. Charades is one of the best games to play over video chat.

How to Play

First, give the other person a little idea about any topic. And now you need to think of a certain movie, song, number anything. And through some hints like expression, blinking, and other methods. Let the other person guess what have you thought in your mind. It gets better if you play the games in a video chat with many friends.

3) Boggle

Boggle is a fantastic game and one of the favorites of many people. It requires little to no knowledge before you hop onto playing the game. You can play the game on puzzle websites where they have a virtual Boggle board to play with.

How to play

You’ll see a lot of random alphabetical letters in a grid of 8. The grid may be different depending on the size of the boggle board. Then, you need to find words in a random sequence of letters. It may be horizontal, vertical, or even upside down. This is a challenging and fun game.

4) Would You Rather?

Of course, this is the best way to know about someone’s personality. A great game to learn about the other person’s decision-making ability. Really fun game, You can find the question for the game on this website.

How to play

The game is based on a very simple concept. You just have to ask the other person two questions like Would you rather bathe in ice-cold water or drink raw eggs. In addition, the other person will ask a similar question to you. Here you are giving only two options to choose from, And you’ll understand the other person’s responses. But make sure you ask really tangy questions.

5) Ludu

Ludu is one of the most fascinating games in the world. Simple games like this can really excite you and will bring great joy. You can play Ludu on a mobile app, By inviting your friend. And simultaneously video chats with them while playing the game. You can also play the game on this website.

How to play

You have to roll a dice and get a number to be released to start the game. The Ludu board has 100 steps and in-between them are snakes. Moreover, if you roll 4 and unfortunately your color got on the snake window you will lose your status and get drowned to the end of the snake tail.

6) Guess if true?

If you think you and your gaming partner are honest then this game is for you. Games that are being played by kings and generals for a long time. A game that does not require you to visit any website or download any app.

How to play

You need to make a tough, twisted statement about something to the other person. And they have to guess if it’s true. It doesn’t have to be about yourself. You can make any statement. Like When I was going home from college I saw a ghost. And your friend has to guess if it’s true or not. If they are correct you need to do a challenge like jumping jack or some other fun activity.

7) History & Movie Quiz keyword key

As a matter of fact, History & Movie Quiz is one of the best games to play over video chat. It is something the majority of people will enjoy playing. Especially if they are movie or history buffs.

How to play

You will ask questions about movies or history and they have to answer them. Failing to do so will follow up with a punishment. You don’t really have to know the answers yourself then you can just make a google search to find the answer (In case you are asking a question).

8) Solving Riddles key

Solving Riddles has been in fashion for ages. It is a parameter on which Julia Cesar, Choose his nephew Octavian as his successor. It is one of the best games to play over video chat.

How to play

You need to ask the other person different riddles, And if they fail to solve them you have the liberty to punish them. You can find great riddles on this website. It is really a fun and engaging game.

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