How to Turn off Safe Chat in Roblox on Mobile

How to Turn OFF Safe Chat in Roblox

Roblox is an online gaming association, that’s for both developers plus gamers. To keep out this online community safe, Roblox offers a variety of safety features, read out to know how to turn off safe chat in Roblox.

If you are under 13, Roblox will automatically turn on Safe Chat on your account. You will be facing certain restrictions in chats in Roblox.

There is one important point here, however: if you are under 13, you cannot change your age manually. So, if you’re 13+, but mistakenly added your age under 13, you need to contact support and describe your situation, then you can turn off safe chat mode.

Once, you have changed your age to 13+, you can turn off the chat restrictions you’re facing.

The following steps will guide you through turning off safe chat in Roblox.

Quick Steps To Turn Off Safe Chat 

  • Log in to
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Then help.
  • Next, tap on “I need help with my account”.
  • In help, select “How do I change My Age”.
  • Scroll down, & tap on Need more help? Contact Support here.
  • Fill out the contact support form.
  • Verify yourself, and now Roblox will send you an email in the upcoming days regarding this issue.

You can also see our image tutorial to get step by step explanation.

Turn Off/On Safe Chat in Roblox Image Tutorial

Step-1: Firstly, Log in at

Step-2: The Next thing you have to do is tap on Settings, in the upper right corner.

Step 1 Select Settings Than Help

Step-3: From the drop-down listing select help.

Step-4: Then Choose I need help with my account. 

Select I need help with my account

Step-5: After that, scroll down and select How do I change My Age.

Step-6: Then here scroll down, at last, tap on Need more help? Contact Support here.

Now, select Contact here

Step-7: Fill out the Contact form –

Last fill out the contact form to turn off safe chat in Roblox

  • First, enter your username.
  • Then enter your parent’s email address and confirm it.
  • In issue detail, select your device.
  • In the help category, select Chat and Age Setting.
  • Then, select change child’s age.
  • Describe Your Issue, Submit the Form, Verify Yourself and wait for a positive response.

Once you have changed your age to 13 plus, then you can change chat restrictions, in Settings under the privacy tab.

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Once you have changed your age to 13 plus, you can select turn off chat restriction according to you. To do this go to settings, and then in the Privacy tab, you can now customize chat restrictions according to you.

If you cannot change the age, the only way to turn off safe chat in Roblox is to make another account. In this new account, select your actual age or be 13+ to turn off safe chat.

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