Roblox Error Code 106 - Here is the solution

Roblox Error Code 106 – Here is the solution

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Roblox is a well-known online platform for gaming. If you create a user account in this platform you can design your own game and play it. Even you can play the other variety of games that others have designed. One can easily get access to this platform from Microsoft Store or Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

Error Code 106

It is a widely used gaming platform although there are some issues reported by its users often. One such issue is error code 106 on the Xbox gaming console. Because of a change in the Xbox one application made by the developer this specific error occurs. If you want to play with your friend who is not there in your friend list this issue will occur.

How to Fix Error 106 on Xbox

Although this may be true, One can access this gaming platform from PC, laptop, or mobile device via the console browser. The process to fix the issue of 106 on Xbox is as easy as to access the Roblox website using the console browser.

After getting logged in from the official website of Roblox you need to follow the following steps to fix this issue:

Step-1: Firstly, you need to find your friend’s account. If you type the particular username on the search box, a list with similar usernames will appear. Then you can choose your friend’s account from that list.

Step-2: You can click on the “add friend” button present at the right-hand side of your friend’s account.

Step-3: Next, Ask your friend to login to his or her account and accept your friend request.

Step-4: Likewise, you can add to your friend’s list as much of you can. Then after logging out of Roblox.

Step-5: Then open the Roblox app on Xbox one and check your friend list. If your friend is not there, click on the “Xbox button”, then “friends clubs” to “find someone”.

Step-6: Then you can simply search for your friend and add him or her. After that, you can join your friend’s game.

Hope this solution will help in fixing the most frequently reported issue on Xbox one for Roblox. Enjoy using Roblox on Xbox one.

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