Smartly Fix the Issue of Runtime Error 339

Smartly Fix the Issue of Runtime Error 339

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When you install any application in your computer system then you may receive this error message 339. More precisely you can get this message while using the application. Let us give you an overview of what causes this error.  If any dunzip32.ocx file is missing from the application you are installing then this runtime error comes. You may not get notified or receive it when you are installing the software.  But it is obvious to get when you are using the application for first time in your system. This Windows operating system error occurs when your computer couldn’t identify the OCX or DLL file missing from any particular application. This is the most legitimate reason for this error 339 but there can also be many other reasons.

What is exactly the message?

Obviously the exact error that appears on the screen is “Runtime error 339: Component comdlg32.ocx is not correctly registered or file is missing”. On average there are 10,000 OCX files which are one of the most important programs that maintain the software.

DLL files error may also happen for such an error message. Another potential source can be that Windows correctly not registered a file from the application. So the main focus is to find and fix the corrupted file which can bring an end to this missing program link.  Now if you follow the error message stated above then you may understand that the message always displays the name of the corrupted file. Hence fixing the same is your priority. As this file may contain link or chain of data which works in harmony with the entire program and effect the execution of it.

Now it’s time to fix the runtime error 339

Here we will share easy ways to fix runtime error 339 by adopting the steps mentioned here:-

-> In case any program error comes then the easiest and best ways is to reinstall the program after deleting the corrupted one. Once you reinstall the program the missing file get integrated.

-> By registering the corrupted file you can solve this. Search COMMAND PROMPT, now go to Run as Administrator and right regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx. After registering, if you do it properly then you will get the message “DllRegisterServer in comdlg32.ocx succeeded”.

-> Replace the corrupted file. From START button go to RUN WINDOW. Now type regsvr32-ocx and then click OK. Search the general file, click and delete it by right click. Then you can download the file again from a reliable source.

-> Now you just need to execute the command in the COMMAND PROMPT section. From the RUN option select Run as Administrator. Now write the following command;

regsvr32 \\Windows\\System32\\ comdlg32.ocx /u

regsvr32 \\Windows\\System32\\ comdlg32.ocx 

Following these methods you can permanently stop this Runtime error message from prompting repeatedly.

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