How To Delete VSCO Account | Deactivate VSCO Account

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I’m going to teach you how to delete a VSCO account in this article. This is a mobile app for Android and Apple devices designed to make taking photos easier. This app enables you to capture and edit photos.

To Learn How To Delete VSCO Account?

Step-1: Firstly, you can visit the VSCO website by clicking on this link.

Step-2: After you have redirected to the web page, you need to click on the Sign In button on the navigation bar.

VSCO Account Page Sign In Button Screen

Step-3: Your browser will redirect you to a new page once you have done that. Here you have to enter your login credentials.

VSCO Login Area

Step-4: Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find yourself on the dashboard page of the website. Within this section of the navigation panel, click on the Account button.

VSCO Account Button

Step-5: Your browser will now redirect you to the Account section page. Of course, there are three parts in this section: My Info, Apps, and Sign Out. You have to stay on the My Info page.

VSCO MyInfo Page

Step-6: Here, you need to scroll through the bottom of the page to find the delete account button.

Step-7: Then, don’t forget to download your data before you delete your VSCO account. Just above the delete account section, you’ll find the Download My Data option. Click on the access snapshot button to download your data.

MyVSCO data page

Step-8: Once you have saved your data for future reference, you can proceed with the deletion of your VSCO account.

Step-9: Then, you have to scroll through the button on the page, click on the Delete my account button. Upon doing that, you’ll be asked to enter your password in a popup window and make you aware of things that you would lose after the deletion of your account.

VSCO Delete My Data Page

Step-10: After you start typing your password, another option will appear below the password box asking for your reason for leaving. Just choose one and click on the Delete My Account button.

Delete My Account Screen and filling password to proceed Delete VSCO Account here

Need To Know How To Deactivate Your VSCO Account?

If you do not want to delete your account completely, you just want some time off from the platform. You can alternatively choose to deactivate your VSCO account instead of deleting it. There are two types of deactivation on VSCO that you choose from.

#1. Deactivate VSCO Profile

Here you will deactivate your profile and all the images as well as your mobile phone. But you still would have access to desktop products and in-app purchases.

#2. Deactivate Your VSCO Profile and Account

Of course, this is a complete deactivation process for your appropriate VSCO account. Everything from your profile to the desktop app will deactivate, and you will be unsubscribed from their mailing list.

You can choose one from both of these deactivate options. The process of deactivating the account of either one is similar, and you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Step-1: First of all, click on this link, and you will be redirected to the deactivate account option.

Deactivate VSCO Profile Selection Screen

Step-2: Then, you can choose the types of deactivating that you want, and scroll down and click on one of the reasons to deactivate your account. And click on save changes.

Deactivation Reason Page And Save Changes Button


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