How to make post shareable on Facebook


To learn here for how to make post shareable on Facebook

Of course, Facebook is a world itself on the internet. Every day millions and millions of posts are shared on the platform. You would be amazed to know about that Facebook is the largest and most people’s preferred social media platform in the entire universe.

It is no news that every time you open Facebook you encounter great posts from your friends, And you are able to share those posts on your timeline. But what if your friends are unable to do the same for your post.

This guide on how to make post shareable on Facebook will help you solve the particular issue. If you are finding comments from your follower or friends that your post cannot be shared on their timeline, It is because of some privacy settings that you may have enabled.

Facebook allows you to have liberty over your privacy on each of your posts, You can set a certain post for friends and other to the public. If your default settings for privacy are set to friends or only me, All the posts that you will share in the future will have the same settings applied. In this article, I’ll share with you how to make post shareable on Facebook for both desktop and mobile phones.

How to make post shareable on Facebook for mobile phones

1) Firstly, you can open Facebook on the browser or through the application. Navigate yourself to the post you want others to be able to share.

2) Next, on the upper-left corner of your mobile, you’ll find a three-dotted button.  So that you can click on that three dotted button here. From the available options click on the Edit Post option.

3) Then, click on the Audience Drop-down menu, From there you need to change the setting to Public. Once done, Save the post.

Doing so will make the post viewable and shareable across Facebook. One might not need friends to share the post or like it. You can change the setting again through the same step.

How to make post shareable on Facebook for desktop devices

The method to make post shareable on Facebook is similar for desktop. You just have to do the same steps. Still, I’ll guide you through exactly how to change your Facebook post privacy.

1) In the same manner, you can visit the website and login with your info. Once logged in, Find the post you would like to make shareable for others.

2) On the upper-left side of your post you’ll see a three-dotted icon. Click on that, And choose the Edit Post option.

3) In like manner, click on the Audience drop-down button on the left-bottom of the dialogue box. Change the following to public, To make the post sharable for all.

You should change your default privacy setting to the public; If you would like your all post to be shareable by others.

Unique privacy settings for different platforms

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are specially made to create a public following. These pages are completely open to sharing their content. You do not need to follow them to view their content. Examples of such pages are Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and other celebrities. If you want to share posts from this page you can easily do so by clicking on the share button on the button of the post.

Facebook Groups

Here, Things get a little complicated. Normally, the groups on Facebook are either public or private. Of course, depending on the group type,  you may or may not able to share posts of that appropriate  group. Public groups are open to everyone, You can share and like post without becoming a member of the group. But for private groups, You must be a member of the group to share the post. And that too with the other members only.

Facebook friends

Facebooks friend’s posts are very much dependent on their privacy settings. If your friend has locked their profile you may not see a share button underneath their post. On contrary, If their profile is public you can share their post with others. You can also ask them personally to make certain of their post public so that it can be shared on the platform.



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