How to log out of Google account on phone/computer?

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In this article, We’ll explore how to log out of a Google account on phone. There are times when we need to temporarily use somebody else’s phone to check email, apps, and for that matter anything.

You may be using your company phone, And now you don’t work there and want to remove your account before you hand over the phone to them. In any case, This article will help you immensely determine the easiest method to remove your google account from a mobile device either IOS or Android.

To Learn How to log out of a Google account on the phone?

Step-1: Firstly, you can open the Gmail account on your Phone. Of course, It doesn’t matter whether it’s an android phone or any other IOS device.

Step-2: After opening the app, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner.

Gmail APP Porfile Picture Icon

Step-3: Once you click on your profile, A dialogue box will appear with your other Gmail accounts. And here you find the button named Manage Account On This Device.

Manage account on this device option

Step-4: Then, you can click on the Manage Account On This Device button. And it will redirect you to your google account management page.

Step-5: If you are not directly not redirected to the google section, Just scroll through and click on the google icon.

Account and sync google icon screen

Step-6: Now once you find the google icon and then you can open it. Here, You will see all the emails that are registered on this device. Afterwards, you can simply click on the email that you want to remove. Now, you can click on the More button. And then you can click on the Remove Account.

More option

Google account "Remove Account" option

That’s it this will remove your account from your mobile device. If you have added again, You have to do it the same way you did earlier.

Learn Steps For How to log out of Google account on the computer?

If your Gmail account is secured in a home computer or office one. This is fine, But if you have used your account on somebody else computer or even on a library computer. Then you probably would need to remove the account before you leave the device and your account for somebody else to explore. You know signing into google is a very simple and fast process. And I suppose you can take off the convenience of a few seconds over your digital security.

Step-1: First of all, you can visit the website. Then after you can just click on your profile picture on the top-right side of your screen. Profile pic icon

Step-2: Clicking on the image will show you a dropdown menu. And from the options that you could see you have to click on the Sign Out button.

Google Account Sign Out option on computer

That’s all it takes to log out of your Google account from your computer. If something says that you want to sign in again; When you visit the website, You’ll see a blue icon in place of your profile pic. Just click on that and enter your login credentials. And then you will be logged back again.

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