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In this article, I’ll share with you ways how to hack into someone’s phone for free. These methods are free and don’t require you to know any coding or have any technical know-how. Hacking is a pretty common term nowadays, And as our digital presence is increasing day by day the opportune and risks of hacking also increase. Hacking in the conventional method would involve a whole lot of coding, external devices, and close proximity to the victim. But for this article, You would need none of it. As I have shared ways that even a non-techy person could also easily follow.

This article all is about how to hack into someone’s phone free

Spyware is one of the most used hacking devices that you can easily get your hands on. Most people that use SpyWare are parents and they have legal protection over their kid’s monitoring. This means that they are legally allowed to look at everything on their kid’s mobile phone. Some other people including Adults would also use these services to spy on their partner. Spyware is very easy to set up and a good number of their services are even free. You just have installed the Spyware app on your victim device, And then connect the same with your Spyware account. Once you do that you could monitor your victim sitting even in some other part of the world using the Spyware dashboard. I have shared with you the top 3 spyware that offers free service.

1) Hoverwatch

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Hoverwatch is the most popular free software for spying on the internet. You can easily set up the system and start using the same in a matter of minutes. It is one of the most accurate websites on the internet. And once you have installed the same you can expect to work everything exactly as you wish.

2) LetMeSpy

Letmespy homepage spyware application

Letmespy is another brilliant website that has some great features that you can easily access. It also gives you the ability to scan through your victim’s devices, even without them knowing. You can even click pictures virtually and save them into the cloud.

3) ClaveGuard

Claveguard spyware home page

ClaveGuard is one of the highest-rated software in the SpyWare industry. And if you want to make sure that the victim would never know that their phones are being spied on, You can then use this app. Because ClevGuard hides from the menu and app list and the victim would never know that such an app has been installed on their device.

If you do not have access to the victim’s mobile device, Then you can resort to virtually trying to hack their system. This may include a very popular method called Phishing.

What is Phishing?

Instagram phishing page vs real instagram app page

It is an art to impersonate a website and to make the victim believe that it is some other website.

i.e You can download a Facebook Phishing website that looks exactly like Facebook. But when you enter your username or password that doesn’t go to the Facebook server but to the hacker’s computer.

You can easily download different Phishing scripts from the internet. Like one for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and all other things that you want to hack. Once you do that send a simple email to the victim like they won something and if they were to redeem the same they need to log in with a social media account.

If everything that I mentioned felt overwhelming to you, And you can’t do them. Then you can use other unconventional ways to hack or try to gain access to your victim device.

1) Google Find My Device: 

If you believe the victim has lied to you about their location, And that you wish to know their current location. You can visit this website and enter the email that is logged into the victim’s device. Once you do that, You can see their location instantly.

Samsug phone google find my device app device screen

2) Social Engineering:

This is something that you do with your own brain. This may include guessing the victim’s password, But not randomly. In this case, you are making an educated guess based on certain findings and the liking of the victim.

i.e If you see the Victim is a fan of Radiohead and post pictures or have a DP with the same. It could be that the victim is using their password with Radiohead in the name. This is very common among teenagers. Not just their favorite band. But their birthday, athlete, or anything that is close to them could be their password. You just have to experiment a bit to come up with the write combination.

Frequently asked questions about hacking

What is the legality of hacking?

Hacking is illegal irrespective of country, With some exceptions. A parent has the legal freedom to hack their child device to see if they are doing ok. And if you are hacking your partner’s phone depending on the jury you may or may not be charged with the crime.

Does spyware slow down android phones?

Yes, They could significantly slow down your victim’s phone. Due to the fact that the software is always connected to the cloud and keeps sending data asynchronously, the victim may notice that their phone has gotten a bit slow. Not just that, The victim battery would also drain a bit quicker because of the spyware. But these changes wouldn’t be dramatic enough to raise an eyebrow. And you should not give much attention to them.

Can I Spy if the victim is Offline?

No, Most hacking software would need the victim to be online. Even in the case of Phishing, the user must be on the internet. Yet, If the victim goes offline you do not lose any access to their device, Which means the moment they are back on the internet you can continue with your hacking.

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