How to Delete Freecharge account

How to Delete Freecharge account

Are you no longer using the mobile number using which you registered your freecharge account? Are you thinking to delete freecharge account to create a new one?

Whatever is the reason to delete your freecharge account, I would like to inform you that the freecharge application or the web page does not have any such option to remove the account. But yes there is some alternative option to do the same. Removing your bank accounts from the freecharge cloud does not erase your account permanently. So in order to do so, you have to raise a request to the Freecharge officials. With the requests, you have to provide a few information’s to them that they can ensure that you are the actual user of that account.

How can you delete the freecharge account permanently?

It can be disappointing for you. But the truth is removing the account permanently from freecharge can take 3 to 4 months if you request to delete your account. Once you raise the request they usually process it in 3 to 5 business days and block both way transactions for the account. To raise the account delete request you need to follow these few simple steps-

Step-1: Remove all your bank accounts and cards from the freecharge account. That will remove your bank details from their cloud.

Remove all associated bank account numbers in freecharge

Step-2: Once you removed the bank details, you don’t have to do anything with the freecharge application.

Step-3: Open your mailbox and compose an email in the address of while you are sending this email, keep in mind that you are using the email that is registered with your freecharge account previously.

Step-4: You can use the email template we are providing here.

Subject- Request for freecharge account permanently delectation.


I am <YOUR NAME>. I want to remove my existing freecharge account permanently due to <YOUR REASON>. Please approve my request and remove my account.

My email registered with you- <YOUR EMAIL>

My last transaction details- <YOUR LAST TRANSACTION WITH FREECHARGE>

I will be happy to hear from you back.



NOTE: Provide your last transaction details by collecting it from free charge app’s transaction list.

Step-5: Send the mail and wait for their response.

Freecharge delete request email

Step-6: They may ask you again the reason for deleting the account through the mail. Reply to it with the same reason you previously mentioned.

asking reason for why delete the Freecharge account

Step-7: Now you will get a confirmation message within a few hours.

Freecharge delete account confirmation on email

More alternatives:

Though In order to delete the freecharge account. sending an email is the best option. But if you have any issue with sending an email, you can also request them using their social media helplines. For doing so follow the same template we provided previously. But this time you had to send it using their twitter or Facebook id. To request on twitter you can tweet at the address – @FreeChargeCare or also you can request using there free charge official page @freecharge. Once you raised a request, within a few hours you will get a confirmation message from them. Once you confirm the reason, why you want to delete the account. Your account will be blocked for transactions.


To delete the freecharge account, we will suggest you go with the mailing process. Because the social media post may be overlooked or take more time to be processed. Once you get the confirmation message you don’t try to log in the account at least for 4 months. Because it takes 3 to 4 months to permanently remove the account from the cloud. If you try to log in it again within this time you will be addressed to a page to revive your account or your account will be automatically revived.

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