How to delete Naukri account

How to delete Naukri account

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If you were desperately searching for a job then you must have an account on Have you got a job and trying to remove your CV or delete your account from If you don’t know how to delete the Naukri account then this article is for you. overview

Before we jump to the deleting or the deactivation process let us discuss about the Naukri platform. If you are a job seeker than is the right place to showcase your CV. Using this you can apply for jobs in India and also in overseas companies. The website has more than 5 Lakh jobs live at any moment. It also provides service to the one lakh corporate sector every year to hire new employees.

Once you are lucky enough to secure a job on your dream company and you don’t have any intention of job change then deleting the existing Naukri account is beneficial for you.

Why did you need to delete your Naukri account?

There are some strong reasons to delete your account once you got a job. Once after you have joined a job, the resume and the profile will be still present on the Naukri cloud. That will send the recruiters a wrong message that you are still searching for a job. That can create a wrong impression of you. Also as the recruiters still see you as a fresher or an applicant, you will receive some spam messages and calls from the recruiters. Also once a company shortlists you from and you ignore the invitation several times the company can ban you for further applying the company, which can harm your future career.

Delete or deactivate Naukri account

There are two possible ways to remove your account from One is deactivating your account (that deactivates your account for a period until you request to activate it), and another one is permanently deleting your account (it remove all your data’s from Naukri within 90 days).

Instructions for How to Delete the Naukri account?

Step-1:- Log-in to your existing account by using the email and password that you used to register the account.

My naukri account page in

Step-2:- On the top right corner of the page, you will find an option ‘My Naukri’. Click it to continue.

my naukri account settings

Step-3:- Once you clicked My Naukri then drop-down list of options will appear. Choose Setting and click on it.

Step-4:- Now you are on the page where you can manage your profile. Find the option ‘Not looking for a job change right now’ and click on the read more option under this.

option for not looking for a job right now

Step-5:- Now the extension of the page will appear. There will be two options, one of deleting your account and another for deactivate your account. N ext, you can choose the option to delete your account.

delete deactivate naukri acccount option

Step-6:- Now a popup screen will appear here. It can asking to confirm the reason why you want to delete your account. Once you confirm the reason your account will be permanently deleted.

reason want to leave naukri account

Step-7:- If you go with the option ‘deactivate my account’ it will deactivate your account until you login to again. Before you go with this step, change your visibility settings.

deactivate and logout your naukri account


Now you know How to delete the Naukri account. But deleting your account is the right decision when you are sure about you to need this anymore. Otherwise deactivating the account is the best choice.

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